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Title: Seeing visions of past or future
Post by: Aunt Clair on May 06, 2007, 09:42:45 AM
As a mystic I  have traveled in time with my peers . There are a number of people who I have met beyond my circle with techniques to view the past and future . Some of these are more constant and can be replicated .

Eye of the Dragon ~ a stage all humans have the potential to develop to see past and future
 For example looking through the eyes of the dragon , the right eye is the future and the left eye is the past . The eyes of the dragon are developed by all humans who will dedicate self to energy body development and sit to practice clairvoyance . I truly believe that all humans are capable although some can learn faster and some will give up . The dragon is kundalini a source of energy historically known to develop the human energy body .When the eyes of the dragon develop on the human energy body there will initially be two crystal orbs over the physical eyes which are jewel like spheres . The right is topaz and the left is sapphire .

 Much later these orbs can become hemisphered with a ruby red bottom half on the right and an emerald green bottom half on the left . Truthfully I did not learn how to use these red and green ones well . The red one sees imminent global natural disasters and seems to open on its own in some psychics but not for me . I saw a few things through it but mostly it is just as much of a surprise to me as everyone else when something major occurs . The green one I was worse at and I cannot recall what use it had .

One lady in the circle commanded all four hemispheres and was very psychic . But she was not interested in higher planes or energy body development . She worked exclusively on developing psychic sight for profit . She was irritated that the global scenes came to her more easily than the personal scenes of a sitter which could earn her money . And the red eye is not a whole lot of help for her because it seems to give visions a day or a week before it happens and what good will that be . For example Bill Van de Berg got a red eye vision about an ocean trolley sinking and passengers dying . Several hundred drowned . He could never have saved them because he had no idea where it would occur .

 In circle we saw a group vision of the bleachers collapsing at the olympics and thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths . We sent light and prayers , the bleacher did collapse but 2 or 3 died . The future can change . Clearly seeing the future can change it for the better but it can also be useless . It is keenly frustrating to be helpless to change because the visions may not give enough information to understand where and when the event will occur .

One Method to see the past and future of a sitter
Another example is with psychic readings . Again there are differences in techniques around the globe but you will find that there are some methods that are more constant . Those are the ones newbies should try first . Because if it works for enough people to become well known it has a better chance of working for the beginner . Here is a description of one such method;

Prerequisites skills are ability to visualise and see images in meditation or recall dreams . If you can do that you have a better chance at success . It would be helpful if you have spent time in meditation and energy raising as these skills improve all clairient abilities over time.

Get a volunteer to sit for you to practice reading them.Choosing someone psychic already will increase your chances because they will have more energy and be more capable of connection to you also.

Place the volunteer in a comfortable armchair
hold hands if that is in your comfort zone
Sit facing each other in dim light  
Open in protection
Invite them to Raise energy with you
Instruct them to close their eyes
call in your highest source
instruct them to call in their highest source guide angel etc.
Close your eyes and look through your third eye

Visualise a line in front of their face over the brow center
The line is about as thick as a pencil and half a meter long
if you look to your right you will see visions of the sitters future
if you look to your left you will see visions of thier past
first see what images or visions appear as they open up
then you might choose to ask aloud
Show me this sitter's future
so choose which you wish to see and then look again
give it time
images will begin to appear
tell the sitter what you see and what you think it means

then ask them to confirm if that is true about their past
or if your interpretation makes sense about their future
I prefer to read the past which has occurred and is finite and stable
the future is infinite chaotic and fluid ever changing so your reading may be easily wrong
by practicing reading their past you can quickly confirm what you have interpreted correctly

Projecting to a realm to see the past or future  .
There are techniques on this forum to project as a mystic to the realms , to enter a core image , to learn visualisation and to raise energy and lift the vibration . If you really want to learn this you can . I have sat with new meditators and seen them go in circle with teachers and tour the realms . It is easier to project in a circle of people because the energy will be higher and you can learn to link and follow each other to realms .

I have projected with mates to higher realms and there are a number of places you can go to which are time portals . Some of these are more well known . When I project as a mystic to the past , I see in a different view . I do not see any colours . To me it is like a gray and white scratchy old film . The energy is slow , heavy , cumbersome , thick and constrained . There is a feeling that the rewind button won't last long and you feel an urge to leave shortly . I have never been successful interacting with people I see in the past . They may appear lifesize and you can walk right up to them but they dont see or hear you and they dont react .

History reports  Shamballah was first discussed by Buddha 2, 500 years ago .Oral traditions suggests it was known about long before that .  In Shamballah ,which is a realm of the higher planes known to ancient mystics ,there are such places to view time .There is a Temple of Time , a Temple of the Zodiac and a Well of Time there . There are others I have heard about but I  have not been to them so I cannot say .

Temple of Time
The Temple of Time is the easiest to find . When I lived in the USA a teacher took us there in meditation class . When I came to live in Australia a teacher here took me to the same place . I began then to understand that some realms are temporally stable so that a description of a person living centuries ago could sometimes be apt enough of a core image , that I could go there too . Alchemists  in medieval Europe made engravings of their mystic projections and meditative visions . These can be seen at Adam Mcleans Alchemy web gallery . In this huge collection I found such an engraving of one of the time temples that my teachers lead me too .

It is curious to me that video game authors , cartoon artists and song writers who are not mystics come up with images of the realms they have never explored in this life . I feel this syncronicity is magick and has to do with universal mind retrievals in dreamstate . It also comes from muses whispering in the minds of such artists to inspire them . If you will google Temple of Time images you will get pages of links but none of them look like the real Temple of Time . Still this idea came into books , video games , music , movies , comic books and art across the globe and extends well beyond whoever Billy Blade is and the ever popular Zelda games . So fantasy can be based upon reality in the spiritual realms .


The Temple of Time is a round temple with curious columns like this image . It is near the ocean as this is in an icy cold region of Shamballah . The sun is fire, the right and the future . The white pillar it sits upon is the pillar of the male aspect of God on the Tree of Life . Pater is father .The moon is water the left and the past .The black pillar it sits upon is the pillar of the female aspect of Goddess on the Tree of Life . Water is mother .Walking between the sun and the moon is to walk into the heart for these are on the shoulders of each human and down their flanks are the pillars .

Every realm exists three times ;  on the body as a sepiroth , in the microcosm of the heart and also external to it in other dimensions . This is a map to a time temple engraved centuries ago and coloured and scanned by a contemporary alchemist author Adam Mclean . The temple I have been to has 12 pillars though , not 8 .

To find this realm , project to Shamballah and travel to the icy region . In Shamballah all cultures and climates are in replica like the theme parks built thousands of years later . There are a few mountains . Find the one in the region of ice and snow by looking for the blue purple mountain which is snowcovered . Then find the ocean and place it at your "back" .Walk along the ocean coast with the temples before you and the ocean behind you until you see this small round temple like this image, on the coast. In front of this temple in the far distance is the white manse which looks like the Taj Mahal.

On the centre of the floor of this temple  is a large clock with golden numerals . One teacher taught me that 12 was the present . Another taught that the clock represents all the time of earth civilization from its beginning to it ultimate end . She taught that 12 was about 10 thousand years ago and that humans had not come to number one yet but were nearly there . Experiment by standing on a number and waiting for a vision .As you walk widdershins from that point, you go to the past.As you walk forward or deosil ,you go to the future . Voice your intention and visualise the person's time you wish to see and give it a go .

Temple of the Zodiac
For astrological lovers there is a temple that you would enjoy in a garden near the Temple of Time . Like the Tardis on Doctor Who it is deceptively small on the outside . The garden is on the left and forward from the Temple of Time . There are gorgeous statues of zodiac icons on short columns throughout this labrynth garden . In the centre there is a pit of fire which you can walk through as spirit . It is curious to think why it would have been placed there . One teacher suggested it was because this was a secret area and it was meant to exclude . The temple has columns of the zodiac in order find your sign and stand there for visions .

Well of Time  
Locate the pyramids of Shamballah these are in teh desert region . There behind the row of pyramids is a vast seemingly empty desert . I was taken to the well by a teacher who told us to fly like a bird to find it on one occasion . On another she told us to ask to be taken to the Well of Time after projecting to the desert .Another time I asked to be shown its location and a whirlwind like a dervish dancing marked the spot . The well is ancient  , appearing dry and useless . There is a remnant of a wall nearby but nothing else but sand . When you see the well there may be a rope and a bucket you can pull up and scry with or it might not be visible . You can ask to be shown a specific time and then wave an arm slowly over the well . Pull up fire to see the future and wave the right arm from the body centre to the right . To see the past raise up water energy and move your arm from the centre to your left slowly .If you do not see a vision , you might fill the well with water energy and then scry . There are teaching spirits that appear here and they have their own tests and methods . One asked us to make it rain to fil the well . It is easy to manifest in a realm like a lucid dream .

If you find a method too difficult, raise more energy and give it another go .

Title: Re: Seeing visions of past or future
Post by: Golden Snake on December 06, 2016, 08:15:19 AM
 :wavin What about deja vus? I get them weekly but this year has been the first time where i get déjà vus and see in my minds eye an event stretching to so many other events that never happened. Idk why i get deja vus... If its to warn of a bad decision that im about to make? Or to warn that i should make a decision? All i see is neutral events so idk if its a warning to stop or keep doing What i was doing/thinking when I got the vision. What are your thoughts on it?

Title: Re: Seeing visions of past or future
Post by: Aunt Clair on March 24, 2017, 09:10:17 PM
'Deja vu'  means 'already seen' in French. It means to have a sense you saw this happening before in a dream or vision , or it can mean a sense that you have been here or done this before perhaps in a dream or a past life for example.
Sometimes , this is a warning to not repeat a bad experience, "Oh no not this crap again, walk away from this",or to prevent it,
sometimes it is neutral and confirms that this is something you are meant to experience react to make the best choice concerning,
and this can also mean a vision of bright things to come, a good omen.

So, sit in quiet reflection for a moment when these deja vu incidents occur and see what your inner /higher self is trying to tell you.