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Title: Spiritual Beliefs About Schizophrenia
Post by: Adrian on April 26, 2015, 07:41:37 AM
What are you guys spiritual beliefs about people with schizophrenia?

Title: Re: Spiritual Beliefs About Schizophrenia
Post by: Tom on April 26, 2015, 02:46:23 PM
There are a lot of possibilities, because schizophrenia can be so very different from one person to the next. I think most people tend to think of the idea of hallucinations as a defining characteristic - maybe hearing voices in particular. This isn't the most important thing spiritually, to me. I think the most significant aspect is that it makes connecting with other people in daily life more challenging. It increases the tendency toward isolation. Autism spectrum conditions do the same thing. They put up extra walls to keep the person apart from other people. It is possible to break out of the isolation, but it is difficult to really want to. With schizophrenia there can be a greater lack of common experience with other people. There is a sense that they wouldn't understand because they haven't been there. This is a problem because all the really good spiritual emotions like compassion, love, joy, patience, appreciation, and gratitude are best when other people are involved. Nature is good and you can go a long way with minerals and animals, but people are still best. On the other hand, the greater the challenge is the more powerful the resulting success is. That's why loving your enemies counts for so much more than loving your friends.

Title: Re: Spiritual Beliefs About Schizophrenia
Post by: Adrian on October 03, 2016, 09:40:12 AM
Autism is dirty purple means I am seeing flashing shadows instead of dirty purple colors. That is your root shakramamaaa.

Title: Re: Spiritual Beliefs About Schizophrenia
Post by: Tom on October 06, 2016, 10:11:42 AM
Some days are better than others. Being stuck in jobs like factory work and now fast food doesn't help. They are crowded jobs, they have to be done quickly (as well as correctly), and there is a lot of yelling. Business is picking up and lots of the people I work with aren't happy right now. Things we need to use get broken, lost, or even thrown in the trash.

Something I read a long time ago was that people don't tend to practice, study, and meditate like they should when everything is going well. When life is going smoothly, they don't look for answers. It is only when things get to be bad, and challenges are intense enough, that people are forced to do something about it.

Title: Re: Spiritual Beliefs About Schizophrenia
Post by: Aunt Clair on October 16, 2016, 08:44:37 AM
I think that the importance of spiritual progress towards enlightenment is deterred by life itself. A Buddhist proverb is that if one was born and stayed on the path from birth never straying they would reach full enlightenment in one lifetime. Certainly enlightenment is an eternal and infinite process and is never attained. But dwelling in enlightenment while walking in the world and sharing the light that would be the best goal to illuminate the path for others.

Title: Re: Spiritual Beliefs About Schizophrenia
Post by: Tom on October 16, 2016, 10:16:07 AM
A Course In Miracles is a lot like Buddhism, but put in Christian sounding terms. It took me a long time to get used to the vocabulary. In Buddhism there is a big focus on taking the emotional investment or charge out of things by recognizing that they are not solid and eternal. Things are not as they appear and they do not last, so do not get caught up in them. But ACIM may well be faster in some ways, because it uses a version of forgiveness based on recognizing that there is nothing real to forgive. It only looks that way. It is a much more active process. Buddhism can be a bit passive, and that takes more time. I bring it up because all those things about daily life that interfere with enlightenment are just part of the coursework for ACIM. It says to take anything that is immediately present in your life that is working against you as the thing you need to work with now. And you do that by forgiving and releasing it. Everyone has something, all the time. As you become more successful with dealing with the coursework in your life, you will have more emotional energy left over to give to people around you. It becomes easier to be present for them as well. That's the strange thing; we practice consciously, but all the real work is done subconsciously. That's where shifts happen. The problem is subconscious guilt. It is also the main focus in Huna, where your life is changed and healed by removing subconscious guilt complexes. It is much easier to move beyond ideas and habits and old patterns in your conscious mind, but that is like trying to quit smoking or drinking for another person.

Title: Re: Spiritual Beliefs About Schizophrenia
Post by: Aunt Clair on October 23, 2016, 12:46:41 AM
A teacher that worked with me at my first job here in WA, studied a CIM in a group with friends. Although I respect the CIM as a path, it is curious to me that the only two folks known to me that studied it, locally had narrow opinioned judgemental prejudices, guilts and fears.  

It foundates his understanding and pathworking today, still. He is different than me though in his angst , his guilt and his understanding.
After , my husband died I became reclusive. And when I sought human contact outside of my family who attended me in my home, I messaged F. We met for coffee. Though we are both school teachers and both believers in magic and transmutation of the soul and lovers of Christ, he is so unlike me. He is rigid, fearful and prejudiced. He told me that I was spoilt goods and that he could not date a woman who had been divorced, even though I am a widow, now and remarried my first husband. He was so judgemental. He was also a widow but felt that his widowhood was purer than mine and that he was not spoilt goods. I was appalled by his rejection especially when I could never think of this man as a potential date or partner. I only wanted a cup of coffee with a male I could trust to understand my grief. He is not attractive to me spiritually, physically, intellectually or morally and he is financially a disaster. Yet he rejected my effort to rekindle a friendship based upon my divorce.

My husband had left me and then I met and married another, Robert Bruce, then he left me also. My first love returned to me , we remarried and remained together until his death. But this man, F., who rejected my friendship and assumed I wanted to marry him is to be pitied. He will spend the rest of his days alone praying for God to send onto his path a pure hearted person who is not tainted in his judgement who married only once and was faithful until death or who is a virgin. This is not assumption. The has posted this on Facebook. It is his creed.

The only other one I knew was a woman of similar ilk who believed when her husband abandoned her, she should never remarry but seek only God. Both of these were school teachers who were Catholic but worked with me at a public school twenty years ago. The female and I enjoyed a friendship outside of the school which we maintained after we moved to other schools but she astonished me also. A. told me to burn my Tarot cards which were evil, in her opinion and she said she could not be friends again until I burnt all of them and promised to longer seek visions or to sit in meditation as I could be influenced by "the devil". I tried to influence her to see the Tarot as Hermetic Divination tools to seek pathworking but I failed and A. blest me and left me. Narrowedmindness is quite sad , really.

So, this narrow-mindedness colours my opinion of those who participate in the CIM, perhaps unfairly. It is my limited experience concerning CIM. On the surface though the reading of the texts is quite beneficial, I think . We can never love another , if we do not love ourselves. We can not forgive another fully, if we can not forgive ourselves. Virginity is not the path. Loving is.


Title: Re: Spiritual Beliefs About Schizophrenia
Post by: Aunt Clair on October 23, 2016, 01:39:49 AM
I get on tangents so easily. Sorry to derail thread ...

I think that Schizophrenia has historically been misdiagnosed and continues to be misdiagnosed. It is tragic when one is clairaudient to become suspected of mental illness. For this and many other reasons, I advise my family and my peers never to tell a doctor about hearing their dead grandmother in a dream or that they heard the voice of a beloved spirit, while awake.

But, hearing voices that are not there at all, voices which are hallucinations does occur, too. The mind can become fouled with internal dialogue, hallucinations and demonic communications.

Many spiritual teachers have espoused that there are gentle folk misdiagnosed as schizophrenics who actually hear clairaudiently. One teacher instructed that the channel tuner can be out of whack and that these folks may have lost or not gained the ability to filter wanted messages from loved ones from the flotsam and jetsam of white noise, spiritual decay and even demonic diatribe.

What does this mean? If one is suffering clinical or reactive mental health issues certainly see a doctor but please be cautious about divulging visions, ghosts, angels, demons, projections to a doctor . Too many doctors and other mental health practitioners are spiritually retarded. They can not believe so they assume that all who dream and fly are mentally hallucinating. They may incarcerate, medicate and endanger instead of offering therapeutic methods.  

One teacher told me how often she had found those called schizophrenic needed to learn to not hear the voices of those who were leading them off their path. My father taught us to discern. He said to ignore and turn away from any voice that tells one to do harm or encourages selfishness and violence.

 Turn instead to the more quiet voice of God within us all that teaches us to serve, to love and forgive.

If one believes self to be schizophrenic or believes that someone they care about is schizophrenic let them seek treatment with these cautions in mind.

Hearing voices that tell one to do that which is not of their nature, that argue with the self and disparage and ridicule self filling self with doubt, conflict, guilt and rage is associated with Schizophrenia.

Hearing angels and beloved spirits who encourage , inspire, heal, guide, and lead us to love and forgive is associated with ascension and enlightenment.

This was taken from a medical site. It is incorrect and espouses an atheistic prejudice that there are no voices to hear but those of the physical living ;
"What is it like to hear voices?To the voice hearer, the voices coming from inside them are very real and are indistinguishable from real people’s voices.
Sometimes the person may hear voices of people that they recognise, e.g. relatives or friends. For other people the voices may have no distinct personality, being just a non-descript voice with no discernible accent. Sometimes they may hear the voice of someone close to them who has died, which can be very confusing."http://www.livingwithschizophreniauk.org/advice-sheets/understanding-voice-hearing/

Imho and ime this is more apt from the same site
" persecutory voices may also be constantly critical of the person, sometimes ridiculing them or criticising them in very brutal ways. This criticism might only be heard intermittently, or it can be constant throughout the waking day, commenting on every little action or thought. The criticism can often be so personal that the person may be very reluctant to disclose to others what the voices have been saying.Not surprisingly, this can lead to a complete defeat of the person’s self esteem, and with the loss of self esteem goes any capacity they may have for resisting or questioning the voices or the other psychotic experiences.

This is a key point for carers and clinicians; whilst it is never wise to collude with psychotic thinking, it is also important to recognise that a person suffering from persecutory voices is under constant assault emotionally and psychologically from their voices, and whatever you can do to reinforce their self esteem will help them to feel better and develop better insight into their condition.

Voices that people with schizophrenia hear will often command them to harm themselves or drive them to suicide
Sometimes voices can be dangerously deceptive. For instance, one young man with schizophrenia was told constantly by his voices that they would only stop if he jumped from an upstairs window. He did."

IMHO and IME the voices that drive one to suicide are often negs as Robert Bruce calls them. Demonic vibration spirits who seek to harm.

 Schizophrenia can have tragic consequences and must be treated appropriately. shallwefightboutdat But it is a false belief that God and afterlife do not exist and therefore one who sees, hears, or flies is hallucinating. This is atheist rhetoric espoused today by the spiritually retarded.  :iggy

All can learn to see, to hear , to call , to fly. And hearing the voice of a departed loved one is a gift . Seeing an angel is a joy.  :halofhanging

The human spirit lives on after death and can project in life also and can communicate telepathically. The magickian must learn to discern. Is the voice good, kind and loving ? If so consider that advice. Is the voice angry , critical, suggesting harm or violence to another? This type of voice can be mentally unsound internal hallucinations but it can also be demonic in nature.  :diablo