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Title: Seeing heavenly bodies behind closed eyes?
Post by: Golden Snake on September 02, 2016, 03:25:48 AM
Hi Aunt Clair its been a while :wavin
Im truly puzzled i've been having these weird experiences since January.

Basically I have been staring at the stars and after a while they would randomly appear behind my eyelids when trying to sleep. I read somewhere to always try to zoom in on them with my imagination but nothing really happened except for me falling asleep.
But the most intriguing is when i close my eyes and see the moon popup at its exact phase and location!

This always happens with me not knowing its phase or location beforehand.
I just see it for 10 seconds then it vanishes...What could it mean? This has happened to me atleast 5 times now and I wonder if you or anybody knows why?
I also saw an eye behind my eyelids and took my phone to check what star was in that location and the only one was Arcturus...

Any advice or info anybody?

Title: Re: Seeing heavenly bodies behind closed eyes?
Post by: Aunt Clair on September 09, 2016, 05:20:48 AM
That's pretty cool, that experience suggests you are separating in a mental projection , popping out into the sky and making note of it before you fully separate in deeper sleep. Tell us more. There was a long stage I had of staring at a corner of the ceiling and then popping out spontaneously to the roof and before I fell deeper into sleep and altered states of consciousness I would see the starry starry night.... not as pretty as the picture painted by Van Gogh but pretty cool still...Enjoy!!

Title: Re: Seeing heavenly bodies behind closed eyes?
Post by: Golden Snake on September 30, 2016, 04:07:20 AM
Thanks alot for the reply.
Shortly after posting this I had a dream where this person talked to me then showed me himself meditating to see the stars.
I was then put from his point of view & saw behind his eyelids a star then he turned his head to the right and I saw a multitude of stars as if they were all coming from one place that really looked like the milky way because there was this huge line of stars at that area (probably a billion of them) and when he looked at other places I saw few stars that seemed to have come from that line and moved themselves from that area as if they started there but moved away because I didn't see no other giant group of stars other than that milky way lookalike.
Keep in mind that this was behind his eyelids so all I saw was darkness and the stars were all white around the same sizes but none of them blinded me from seeing a distinct numbers of other stars maybe 1-2 meters away from eachother .
Now that I think of if it makes me wonder if the big bang started from the milky way because of all those stars grouped in this giant line and alot of them seemed to be moving away from that line even tho it wasn't comparable to the numbers of little bright spheres that were still close to that milky way area there was still alot of loner stars who seemed to have come from that impacted area.

Now im really intrigued and want to be able to see alot of stars while meditating too!

Title: Re: Seeing heavenly bodies behind closed eyes?
Post by: Golden Snake on September 30, 2016, 04:18:22 AM
Oh I also was looking at the waning moon and saw it move! Ive been able to see the stars move in weird manners like dancing or even backing up then coming down quickly or even Jupiter too moving in a funny manner like making all these suden movements. People say on google that it's because of the earth moving or even gases from earth but I cant bring myself to believe that because they all move in a distinct manner! Ive been able to see them move since last winter when I got my contact lenses and thought if the moon was able to dance also I tried before but it never did until last week. I decided to stare at it while listening to music which was a good move because it was music moving enough to bring tears to my eyes so that enabled me to stare for long periods without blinking and that's when I saw it! It was so beautiful something so big move like that I'd go as far as saying that it was dancing! Just writing about it gives me goosebumps idk if you have experienced that but I invite you and anybody else to try it truly changed my outlook on the spheres outside!