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Title: missing body in dreams
Post by: Tom on June 09, 2017, 05:44:37 PM
Back in April I started writing my dreams down again. Well over half of the time I dream about being at work. I tend to have no peripheral vision and to see few details even where I am directly looking. Even when actively doing something, I don't see arms or hands interacting with items in the dream. Things just happen in front of me. Other people tend to be missing even in places which should be crowded. It is hard to find things to use as triggers for reality checks during the day because so much of my dreams involve the absence of things which are present during waking life.

This week I started taking mugwort capsules. My sleep tends to be deeper and it makes dreams harder to remember, but the changes in the quality of the dreams have been interesting. I am seeing much more detail and more people have been present. I even had partial arms, down to my elbows. And I remembered things from scene change to scene change within the same dream sequence. The problem is that when I finally do start to think about how I need to do a reality check that wakes me.

The thing from the Carlos Castaneda books about looking for your hands makes sense to me. I have been aware of it since 1999. The problem is that I don't have hands in my dreams. Usually I don't have arms or legs. And maybe this is what should be the focus of my reality checks. Do I have a body? I just don't want to get into the habit of concluding that I am awake, like with all my previous attempts at reality checks.

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: Aunt Clair on July 18, 2017, 08:38:23 PM
Hello Tom,
  Love this discourse.  :bow
 :bumpjar     I feel that losing the body is a goal to higher consciousness.

Perhaps you are leaving in a golden seed of light from the third eye
in this form one travels beyond the veils of this local universe , it is a particle of light untethered by the body which constrains us to lower and lesser realms, imho.

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: Tom on July 19, 2017, 12:11:53 AM
Recently I have been getting stuck in my dreams, where I can't think what I was going to do or why. I don't know what led up to the moment, either. It is getting worse. I am having long pauses where the dream seems to be waiting for me to decide what comes next. The literal thought that I am doing this to myself (like A Course In Miracles) keeps coming to me. But it is still not lucid. I am not saying the magic word dream.

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: Tom on July 19, 2017, 06:27:52 AM
A near miss just now. I was awake and was thinking about what to write about the dream I just had when imagery of carved metal tubes and running water came to me. It filled my entire field of vision. I thought about how when I was a little kid I would go with it and it would become a lucid dream, but instead of riding the metal tubes and feeling myself go with the motion, I just became more alert. It was a very near miss this time for my first WILD in decades. Huperzine A works. I am taking in on even numbered dates and today (the 18th) is my third dose. The only problem is that it is hard to stay asleep. And hard to go back to sleep. The bottle has 60 pills so by alternating days I plan to have it last almost 4 months. It says each pill is 200 mcg.

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: Aunt Clair on October 30, 2017, 09:22:36 PM
Hi Tom,
How are you going?
Please give us more information about the pills. I don't know about these. What is your purpose for taking these and what is the effect?

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: Tom on October 31, 2017, 04:09:42 AM
Huperzine A keeps acetylcholine active between brain cells longer. It stimulates memory. It activates existing shen energy. Mugwort works the same way, but isn't as strong. Huperize A is from a type of Chinese club moss with the genus huperzia. I ended up giving my bottle to someone in college and he liked it immediately for helping his concentration and focus. I have switched to things to increase shen instead of activating it. Like ginseng is good for increasing jing. I am still using ashwagandha and have added wild asparagus root. My goal is eventually to be able to go to bed at night and sleep through the entire night without a break in awareness, but it is still a long way away. I have a friend who can do it, but he is not good at teaching. The author Daniel Kelley has a book about conscious sleep which is really helping put the pieces together for me.

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: Aunt Clair on December 05, 2017, 06:44:41 PM
Full awareness of dreamstate would be excellent. Thanks for the post, Tom. I  Look forward to reading more about shen activators.

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: Tom on December 06, 2017, 02:40:57 AM
At this point, I would rather use mugwort than huperzine A because the mugwort helps me sleep and the huperzine keeps me awake. It also increases my blood pressure and gives me headaches. Luckily, I bought a packet of seed to start it growing near my home. This is more of a long-term plan. It doesn't have to be planted again from year to year. It spreads through the root system. Which is why it is considered an invasive weed.

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: searcher on December 11, 2017, 05:59:45 PM
Hi again Tom.
With OBE and lucid dreams come great responsibility and until you are willing to accept these responsibilities your trials will not be totally free from limitations. saying I will not do this or that is not good enough, you have to accept these things within your dreams as rights of passage and then in stages until you can control the skill/art. I made a mistake and used it for my pleasure and it was taken away, only when I was ready was it returned, the opportunity for the pleasure resurfaced but this time I said no!

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: Tom on December 12, 2017, 04:01:48 AM
I don't think I have to worry about the morality police in my dreams. I'm not Christian and I don't have a lot of guilt weighing on me.

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: searcher on December 12, 2017, 03:47:48 PM
To be honest Tom neither do I but a witch once said to me stop trying and let it happen and there is no such thing as good and evil, just the morals of today. Todays morals are part of us, we may not want them to be but they are, subconscious thoughts need to be silenced or changed. Remember you have to change within to alter outside.
I'm not a Christian although I've been bought up within a primarily Christian environment and to think some of it hasn't effected me is to be foolish. I don't believe in an all giving/creator god either but if you asked me about BoL then I would say yes but it is probably my subconscious sticking it's ore in.
If you are developing Ok and are having lucid dreams (plus being able to alter within these dreams) and have 'flown' to distant planets across time and space then what I am saying to you is rubbish.

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: Tom on December 13, 2017, 03:17:55 AM
The trick is to have enough energy to do what you want and to make your experiences vivid. The fun stuff tends to burn through energy stores faster.

My flying tends to be more limited than that. I haven't traveled to space or other planets. There are a lot of things I have done and will continue to do, but what I really want to explore is conscious deep sleep.

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: Aunt Clair on December 16, 2017, 05:41:15 AM
Well, Tom please post any dream recalls that you feel like sharing and let us know about this journey. Thanks  ##

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: Tom on December 25, 2017, 07:30:16 PM
Nothing is coming along as quickly as I would like. Worse, the work dreams are back.

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: searcher on January 03, 2018, 04:07:07 PM
Then stop pushing and relax Tom, try not to tell your mind that this is what you want to happen?
How are you taking energy in? via breathing or through your skin? Can you put it in a ball and circulate it around parts of your body?
Have you pushed away your unwanted dreams and pulled in/forward your desires with out informing your mind what your are doing, try doing it in the direction of each Element eg to force away too much anger or stubbornness do it facing fire and pull what ever you want from the other three directions. If memory serves correct its hermetic stages 2 and 7. Don't worry that it hermetics it is just a tool.
When meditating try and stay in the buzzy/wobbly zone for as long as you can, feel what it is like, this is your platform so get to know it. When ready, notice I said when ready move this consciousness into the silver ball or chakra above your head, again feel what it is like, again when ready, 1 to 2 YEARS imagine a ladder above you and start climbing, each rung is a plain! you will know when you reach the top. Hermetics ten I think.

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: Tom on January 05, 2018, 02:55:25 AM
As it so happens, I have a lot of experience with working with energy and meditating. And years of studying from different traditions. It is just that I am better at sabotaging myself than getting results.

Title: Re: missing body in dreams
Post by: searcher on January 05, 2018, 03:24:23 PM
When I started I moved through lessons quickly with enough success to make me believe I was completing lessons, much of the first 5 stages I had been doing for years. So I started again but couldn't find everywhere that I wasn't completing so I tried a Bastardised version of Bardons stages, And read as much of Crowley as I could stomach, I also started listening to AC! The missing areas started coming together, Akenu also helped? 'he' will probably have no idea how but just gave me enough to look passed what everybody claimed to be!