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Title: Seeing black sky with white stars
Post by: george8449 on September 30, 2017, 03:40:27 PM
When I recently restarted doing my meditation practice, i usually focus on the third eye area with my eyes gently rolled slightly up.

My eyes are always closed. but lately, I have been seeing some sort of depth to the blackness, and now I suddenly keep seeing a black sky with white stars. It appears out of nowhere, and it's quite clear. its also appearing spontaneously in the middle of the  night now as I am trying to fall asleep.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Title: Re: Seeing black sky with white stars
Post by: Aunt Clair on October 03, 2017, 06:16:57 PM
All humans have a modicum of basal clairvoyance which is evidenced by their ability to see in dreams. Some see only in black and white, some see in colour, some have control or lucidity within their dreamstate , some feel, see and hear as they attend diverse planes within the dreamstate at will. This is a predictable continuum or a hierarchy.

The clairvoyant vision of the meditating aspirant also develops in a predictable continuum like dreaming. Often, the first vision that is reported is like a movie backdrop. Robert Bruce calls this a vision screen. The colour of the screen can be an indication of development . The black starry sky should progress to a cobalt blue and then to an indigo or violet screen.

Theories regarding this are that with the ascension of the vibration the mystic aligns with and dwells in higher vibrational chakras during meditation. Testing this, Robert Bruce projected internally into his chakras and reported a microcosm a mini world within each with a sky the colour of that chakra.

Drawing fresh clean pranic flow from crown to toes and reversing flow toes to crown will improve the aspirant's vibration; ascending the energy level of the body, increasing the siddhi powers and the enlightening ever so slowly the soul of the dweller within.

The third eye is within the indigo chakra, and many report an indigo vision screen but the colours appear brighter and higher in the spectrum as we draw fresh energy up the spine and through the energy centres of the head.  :blev

So congratulations on another awakening and may your pathworking be fruitful and ascending.  :rednut