How long will it take to raise kundalini ? Is it safe ?


Aunt Clair:

Is it really that easy to awaken kundalini safely?? If so how does one go about doing this and how long will it take??

In my alchemy group , we raised the first four primary flames of the kundalini over 5 years .In another year's time we raised several secondary nadis . We accomplished this using NEW energy methods as described in AD
and through meditative trance projections to spirit realms to learn as a mystic about advanced alchemy and to imbibe the subtle bodies with subsequent layers of light .

I feel that kundalini is quite natural and that it will rise in a predictable sequence of coloured flames that have been historically witnessed clairvoyantly .In this photo you will note the first pale yellow sun flame rises then the platinum blue moon sets and then the rose rises . A significant time later the last primary flame rises as a pale green . The ancient sanskrit texts describe this and my alchemy circle has clairvoyantly witnessed so we can confirm it to be true.

There are innumerable nadis but only four main flames . The rare problem with kundalini emotional difficulties tends to occur in those that have mental instability or have had recent emotional trauma ie near death or a the sudden death of a loved one which opens them in a catastrophic manner and can cause a terrible ordeal . On the other hand , the average seeker need not worry as the body will develop on its own through your metaphysical practices slowly and surely .

We cannot halt puberty ,menopause , old age or death . The kundalini is similar to these other natural unfoldments . The kundalini will rise in naturally occuring spiritual development within the body .There exists a plethora of new age myths regarding its traumatic effects which do nothing to help humanity but only serves to ground us in fear and prevent us from shining . I can remote view your energy body for free online if you want an idea of how you have developed btw , have a free reading with me. Most spiritually aware humans are much more advanced than they think. So it not unusual for a sitter to be worried about raising the first flame when they are actually raising their third flame and they have not had a problem yet.

Once the energy body has been perfected hermetically and the primary flames have all risen ,the rainbow kundalini cobras can be manifested at will intuitively . I am currently attempting to reconstruct my own intuitive method . I use an eclectic compilation of techniques including but not limited to ;
Hermetic Magick ,
Kriya Yoga ,
Qi Gong  
NEW energy raising and awareness techniques
Manipulation of the Psi Wheels of Life  

The Kundalini Dragon rising is a recent subset of the Universal Mind wherein young aware ones project for dreamstate lessons to the temples on the core spiritual realm. The dragon is one of the manifestations of kundalini . What is unusual about this subset is their collective progress . Whatever one of them manifests alchemically the working ones manifest also within 3 days . So this is beyond Robert Monroes focus level 35 and is the group consciousness stage he predicted so many years ago .

Not all of those under the age of 23 years old are born to a higher vibration but a significant number have been. Each subsequent wave brings in some children at a higher vibration. Personally I feel the vast majority are still being born dismally unaware but this raising is a hope to slowly shift the planet to a higher vibration.

Of course awakening the body alone to advanced alchemy is insufficient. The mind must still recall esoteric and exoteric wisdom and the adept must balance their body, mind ,soul and spirit. The dragons are born with a higher amount of kundalini flowing .But all of us can learn to manifest kundalini at will. This internal flow within the energy body continues its development and eases projection and healing and meditative trance to project with recall etc .Powering up actually aids all clairient skills and will enhance their further development too.

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I apologise in advance should any of the links be broken .

Aunt Clair:
The completion of the primary energy body is given testament by the hermetic colouring viewed clairvoyantly on the human energy body.The right leg is salmon red earth , the left leg is charteuse green air , the right arm is orange fire and the left arm is indigo water as illustrated below .

Once the primary human energy body has been "perfected" hermetically and the emerald tablet is completed the energy body looks like this ;

When the primary flames have all risen ,the rainbow kundalini cobras can be manifested at will .The emergent hermetic channels of right red and left blue will become as one as the human energy body will completes an alchemical marriage to become entirely purple .
This is either by the completion of the Emerald Tablet Alchemy in this life or by being born to a higher vibration . When the secondary body becomes purple , then the mystic may accomplish this technique to raise kundalini at will . I truly feel that failed attempts will only cause the body to raise energy through the primary circuit and will not cause any adverse effects . So I advocate this method to raise energy for all of those who feel ready . If the cobra can not be manifested from the ground below the adept it is because they are not ready to raise kundalini this way and this is the built in safety measure as a failsafe.

But once the magician has become purple or gone beyond this  colouring of the hermetic body ,then they should be able to accomplish the raising of kundalini each time they raise energy . There are numerous metaphysical procedures by which mystics have accomplished raising kundalini flames and these same skills lend themselves to the manifestation of kundalini by will when the energy body has become capable and primed . Yet little has been done to teach these methods .Humanity is  on the cutting edge of spirituality and this globe is about to transcend frontiers which have not been explored historically . It is no longer rare to meet one with raised kundalini so the time has come for us to share and teach each other what we learn ourselves .

When I ask others how they raised kundalini at will they dont seem to be able to verbalise their methods . It is no longer due to subscription to the ancient motto of the sphinx (tacere) that causes the mystic to fail to share their techniques . Tacere does not mean to maintain silence though , it means to hold onto meanings without words.Contemporary metaphysicists who do wish to share , labour uncertainly over how to verbalise that which they began intuitively or recalled mystically rather than through direct instruction .

Similarly, the mates in my alchemy circle have attempted to teach each other and new members with little success . We seem to employ an eclectic array of metaphysical techniques including but not limited to Kriya Yoga breathing , Qi Gong energy raising , releasing pranic knots through the adept application of bandhas and control of advanced alchemical structures such as the wheels on tan tien energy storage centres.

Yet I remain fixed upon the belief that any adept who has successfully cleared the primary circuits and channels may practice and learn in time to manifest kundalini from the cosmos at will . That is , we can all learn to draw prana into the body not as primary psi but as a higher vibration which ignites within the "perfected "channels as mother kundalini herself  envigorating the body for a period of time which may be miniscule initially but with practice becomes prolonged . Each raising becomes more pure and superior to the last efforts . Dragons can  extend kundalini sessions to about 30 minutes . So I want to attempt to verbalise our concerted efforts here.

This section may be revised if needed
Sit hours after the evening meal , not too full but not hungry either .Dress for the occasion in loose unrestrictive clothing .Place a rug beneath your bare feet if necessary to warm them .Adjust the temperature so that it is not too hot or too cold but just right .Close the doors and prevent distractions by cutting off the phones.Dim the lights

Open in protection
as your own faith dictates .
Begin by sitting in a comfortable arm chair .Place your arms loosely supported on the arms of the chair and turn your palms up to catch the
energy .Your limbs should be uncrossed and bare your feet ,if you can, before you close your eyes to begin .Energy will come in thru crown ,palms ,soles and heart most easily.
For a larger view with description hit this link :
So spread your knees slightly and uncross all limbs.Feet should be bare if you can do it and flat on the floor .

Take 3 to 5  deep breaths in slowly and deliberately thru your nostrils and audibly exhale each breath through your mouth .As each deep cleansing breath enters your body have it come in as white cleansing light .You might visualise a candle of light in front of your third eye if it helps .
1. Swirl energy down from the crown to head , clearing away the cobwebs of the mind.
2.Bring the swirling energy down into the hearts and lungs, breathing away all anxieties and worries.
3.Draw the energy into the arms from the heart , pool it out into each fingertip .
4.Swirl the energy into the guts where we can manifest disease from negativity , clean it all out and away .
5.Draw the energy in again in this last deep cleansing breath pull it all the way down into the legs . Pool it into the feet and out through each toe.

Now make sure all of the wheels on the body are open .Wheels exist on hands, feet, face, third eye and on the front and rear of all tan tiens .When they appear clairvoyantly , they are ready to open . These are opened by energy hands, third eye, or will .When they appear they are ready to open .Turn the bar on the wheel deosil (clockwise) .The wheels of life are alchemical  structures which allow energy to enter the body and flow thru it .If you open them in meditation,  you may get a vision of golden crocodile ,snake or dragon entering your energy body from the cosmos .If you are new to this the "open" position for you will most likely be a vertical alignment . If you feel at ease and energised you have it right . But if you feel nauseous or dizzy upon opening wheels , then you have opened them too far and need to just back them off counterclockwise  a bit . In time wheels will all open at will in syncronicity . When the wheels first appear they are at 9:00 horizontal and closed .As we devlop more circuits the wheel may be shifted deosil to open more and more . If you do not percieve the wheels ,skip this step .

Power Up from earth thru the soles of the feet .ie :Bring light up with each breath ,visualising the feet drawing up light from Mother Earth through the insteps into the  legs which are as channels .To prime the body , pull energy up fully from the insteps to the crown .

Aunt Clair:
Pre Kundalini symptoms such as tingling in the spine should be an opportunity for the magician to cleanse the physical body drinking water, deep breathing cleansing and energy raising exercises. By sitting in daily meditation in the NOW and calming the self , the magician will learn to look forward to Kundalini. Because it will bring for a day to a week beautiful visions, dreamstate lessons, easier meditative trance and an increase of energy flow which manifests a stronger energy body and a higher vibration of light and greater magnitude of existing siddhi powers as well as new siddhis

Kundalini is a subtle energy that enters the magician's body when they have attained that reciprocal vibration. It is like lightning rising from ground and sky through the air and forming a bolt. The crown os is our sky and the perineum os is our ground. Our media is the spine. When we come to the matching vibration it is called from the universal prana into our bodies like the wind through an open door. It comes without us stopping it . We can only temper the flow , ignore it or ride its beauty and learn from it.

There are numerous nadis or channels of energy flow which manifest first in the perineum rising towards the crown. Eventually these descend in kind from the crown towards the perineum. There are 3 main channels called Ida, Pingala and Sushumna from Yogic texts and Vedic literatures.These are the Moon, the Sun and the Earth respectively . The fourth is much more subtle when it first appears. It is Gandahari the Princess and the Air or Wind making a four elemental set of Moon-Water , Sun-Fire, Earth , Wind Air.

Now, the magician's energy body becomes capable of controlling specific elemental energies and clairvoyantly this is evident in four thick channels through the limbs of red, orange, indigo and chartreuse green. Before Gandahari, the magician will have only three elements earth and water are innate . Later, fire manifests and finally air manifests. But the path continues. The magician will manifest a pallette of more than 24 colours of elemental energies, the next two of which are silver akasha moon and golden sun amoris. Each colour of energy is part of the Hermetic Rainbow bringing some joy to the magician. Without Fire there is no clairvoyance. Without Air there is no clairaudience and no evocation without the harmony of earth and air. Without the harmony of fire and air , there is no mystic projection of consciousness across the abyss.

Each nadi manifesting and opening triggers a kundalini event. Some are subtle others are profound. The first fire flame that rises from the perineum is noteworthy. But a more subtle one occurs before that which many seem unaware of. The moon current precedes the mightly fire rushing up the spine. Fire events are felt like cobras and accompanied by visions of dragons.Earth/Fire.

After the perineum is fully matured then Kundalini will rush from the crown down the back as cold water energy . Water events are perceived as waterfalls and are accompanied by visions of the leviathan or sea serpent flying above and in the ocean. Water/Air.

Other forms of K are sure to manifest as the magician continues their pathworking.

But , there is a lot of hype and hysteria on the net about K.There is positive ascending K and negative descending K. Most cybershyte concerns the first flame of K rising up the spine and causing supposed difficulties. If the magician is balanced in body, mind, soul and spirit , then K will only improve them.

Those with severe energy blockages such as terminally ill patients or those with severe spinal damage can expect some difficulty. But most people will have no difficulty with a K event and will cherish it , instead.

It is when substance abusers and violent , neurotic and psychotic personalities have a negative descending K event that one needs to be concerned . I am not talking about minor issues or reactive issues. All of us are broken , life fixes us eventually. We are here to learn and heal each other with love and forgiveness. But I am not speaking of minor quirks here or moods. I mean the criminally insane and the deviant population , only. Pedophiles for example will have descending Kundalini events dragging their vibration down further opening them to demonic influence and negative attachment and possession. This pollution of their soul is a symptom and a cure ....eventually.

The point is those that are already seeing a psychiatrist for mental illness will complain that Kundalini did it. Women that are manic depressive and promiscuous blame it on kundalini . Men who are violent drunks blame it on Kundalini. It is not correct. We author our ascension or descension. The energies we draw towards us or into us are by our own design.

For every yin there is a yang. But those who are raising their vibration will find that Kundalini improves them in every aspect without harm. K will enter and flow purely engorging all centres it flows through , if the magician's body is prepared and unblocked. This will be followed by enhanced abilities albeit temporarily enhanced siddhis and to a lesser effect a permanent advancement as well. New energy body structures will manifest and existing ones will develop more.

Don't fear it , prepare for it and it will move more gently and wondrously through you.


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