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June 03, 2018, 03:45:28 PM
My blessings to anyone out there suffering in the darkness. Tough situations don't last; tough people do.
December 05, 2017, 08:25:00 PM
Do not Rest in Peace Wilhelmus Van den Berg instead teach and inspire us still beyond the veil so that we might learn more about the spirit world and so we might not miss you as badly as we do now.
July 18, 2017, 08:17:22 PM
July 18, 2017, 06:50:49 PM
July 18, 2017, 06:12:34 PM
July 18, 2017, 05:39:40 PM
July 18, 2017, 05:33:02 PM

October 16, 2016, 08:55:32 AM
September 09, 2016, 04:58:09 AM
September 09, 2016, 04:45:49 AM
I was born by a river
Rolling past a town
Given no direction
Just told to keep my head down

As I took my position
A man fired a gun
I was so steeped in tradition
that I could not run...
September 09, 2016, 04:43:05 AM
I was raised by a river
Weaned upon the sky
And in the mirror of the waters
I saw myself learn to cry

As my tears hit the surface
I saw what had been done
I gave feet to my freedom
And I did run

Someday later I saw

the writing in the dust

It told me how I should travel
It told me who I was...
September 09, 2016, 04:34:21 AM
I will die by a river
As it rolls away
Bury me in the nighttime
Do not waste the day

High above the waters
That roll on to the sea
All the angels in heaven
Will laugh at me

My life was naught but a river

Rolling through my brain
Made of so many teardrops
Made of so much pain

Dan Fogelberg
~The River
October 23, 2015, 09:32:42 PM

Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life...
October 23, 2015, 09:23:44 PM
October 23, 2015, 09:18:39 PM
October 23, 2015, 09:17:52 PM
October 23, 2015, 09:16:05 PM
October 23, 2015, 09:13:30 PM
January 22, 2015, 06:09:52 PM
November 25, 2014, 04:39:37 PM

Cosmic Christ by Alex Grey
November 25, 2014, 04:37:50 PM
November 25, 2014, 04:25:23 PM
November 25, 2014, 04:24:04 PM
November 25, 2014, 04:11:57 PM
November 25, 2014, 04:05:01 PM

November 25, 2014, 04:00:11 PM

~*~Franz Bardon~*~
November 25, 2014, 03:58:30 PM
November 25, 2014, 03:45:13 PM
November 25, 2014, 03:30:46 PM

"Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy." ~Eski
November 25, 2014, 03:28:30 PM
Life is like the river.Everything changes. Nothing remains the same. Everything Returns
~Hermann Hesse
November 25, 2014, 03:26:17 PM
Unless thou see'st, thou canst not hear. To hear and see, this is the second stage~ The Voice of the Silence by Madame Helena Blavatsky
November 25, 2014, 03:18:30 PM

LOL :)
November 25, 2014, 03:14:03 PM
November 25, 2014, 03:12:28 PM
November 25, 2014, 03:06:28 PM
November 25, 2014, 03:05:58 PM
November 25, 2014, 03:03:29 PM
November 25, 2014, 03:02:42 PM
November 25, 2014, 03:00:51 PM
November 25, 2014, 03:00:12 PM
November 25, 2014, 02:59:06 PM
November 25, 2014, 02:58:21 PM
November 25, 2014, 02:56:59 PM
October 13, 2013, 01:54:24 PM
Surrender to Life & the Word, no amount of psychic-babblle or "energy work" will change what others easily do without our "powers and/or abilities" .
Do what you want to do with magick without magick and life will teach you magick through Work.
August 09, 2013, 05:05:54 PM
Art by Kalsoom;

Black Sophia;
O Goddess of
Wisdom & Compassion
who rocked
the cradle of humanity in SubSaharan Africa
at the Dawn of Civilization upon Earth.
August 08, 2013, 05:03:42 PM

Dedicated to Andrew Oats a peer magickian who was extraordinary!
August 08, 2013, 04:01:12 PM

RIP Andrew Oats ; 17 August 1982-
5 Aug 2013 one of our 12 founding members of The River.
July 21, 2013, 06:14:05 AM
July 21, 2013, 06:13:28 AM
July 21, 2013, 06:11:20 AM
August 29, 2011, 07:52:02 PM
"This river is a concentrated form of love. When we past through it,  we are forever altered. That is the symbolism of baptism.If we choose to come back and live among humans, we're  never the same."~ A Life of Miracles  

August 29, 2011, 12:21:04 AM
Vibration Raisers
May 30, 2011, 12:30:08 AM
Music exists as an example showing a crack in the normal barrier between ineffable and neurolinguistic consciousness." ~Aikeena
May 29, 2011, 05:37:54 PM
Choose LOVE
Meditate personally daily. Meditate globally the 1st Sunday of each month. Meditate universally under each full Moon.
April 06, 2011, 04:30:46 PM
God doesn't give you the people you want; God gives you the people you NEED... to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you into the person you were meant to be.
April 05, 2011, 09:45:46 AM
Make me strong in spirit.Courageous in action.Conquer my fear and doubt.
Let me act in wisdom.
Meet others with compassion.
Be a source of healing energies.And face each day with hope and joy ~•~

March 26, 2011, 09:52:17 PM
"The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while Nature cures the disease"-Voltaire
March 20, 2011, 10:54:30 PM
Good night tired eyes. Soon the moon will sail on through the sky
good night tired eyes
soon the stars'll sing their lullaby.Rest your head and give a yawn
dream your dreams
and soon the sun will bring the dawn

March 01, 2011, 09:55:45 AM
This elastic won't snap. This cord will not be cut. This emptiness will not be filled.
February 14, 2011, 10:48:50 AM
Neat article about the misinterpretations of the Mayan Calendar:

February 09, 2011, 11:24:23 PM
9 body centers "CHIU TIEN,YEN YUAN,REI SHENG, PU HUA, TIEN TSUN"  When disturbed, quietly recite this mantra to put yourself back in order. This is powerful enough to handle all kinds of spiritual trouble! ~ NI

February 07, 2011, 08:48:39 PM

"Everyone has scars. It doesn't matter who you are. You have been chiseled into a priceless work of art. " ~ Van Risseghem
February 07, 2011, 06:05:31 PM
February 07, 2011, 01:25:37 AM

"I am one with the river guided gently by her stream to a shoreline in the distance.The lights of the city summon after me, to them I give no resistance..."
February 07, 2011, 01:15:11 AM

This boat I have fashioned for this adventure is my one and only home . The branches on the riverside sing to me in the wind "Godspeed you wayward passenger!"
February 07, 2011, 01:00:13 AM

"I am one with the river guided gently by her stream and when I set my feet on the ground,I'll never forget how sweetly moving me was the river I explored ~The River;VanRisseghem
February 06, 2011, 08:38:48 PM
LOL!  Love that AC - I are special snowflake....
February 06, 2011, 07:29:04 PM

Matthew 11:28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."
February 06, 2011, 07:16:07 PM

hee hee
February 05, 2011, 11:51:08 PM
"Kaballah says that the child never forgets how to fly home each night in their dreams"
February 05, 2011, 11:46:49 PM

Meditation & Mysticism is Magick ! Open your mind to manifest the best of all possible worlds.
February 05, 2011, 11:43:15 PM

"Within you there is a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself"~ Siddhartha by Herman Hesse
February 05, 2011, 11:30:43 PM

"Bring me my bow of burning gold!
Bring me my arrows of desire!
Bring me my spear!
O clouds, unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of Fire! "
February 05, 2011, 11:25:47 PM

"And the sky is full of dreams...but you don't know how to fly..." ~The Killers
February 05, 2011, 11:22:18 PM

"I told you that we could fly 'cause we all have wings but some of us don't know why "~INXS
February 05, 2011, 11:08:01 PM

Life is Good !
Live,Love & Laugh !!
February 05, 2011, 10:50:34 PM

Franz Bardon Forum
concerning Hermetic Magick and Initiation into Hermetics !!
February 03, 2011, 12:03:36 AM

"Lend me your eyes I can change what you see.But your soul you must keep, totally free...Awake my soul you were made to meet your maker..."
Mumford & Sons
February 02, 2011, 11:56:32 PM

"As the water grinds the stone, We rise and fall.As our ashes turn to dust, we shine like stars"~Bullet by Covenant
February 02, 2011, 11:39:19 PM

Every gift of God makes the soul ready to receive a new gift, greater than itself ~
Meister Eckhart
January 17, 2011, 04:55:54 PM
"Within every human lies a divine cosmic energy called Kundalini. Kundalini is Shakti, whom the sages of India worship as Mother of the universe. She is the Active aspect of the Absolute."~Swami Muktananda http://www.spaceandmotion.com/Philosophy-Kundalini.htm
January 17, 2011, 07:47:13 AM
         .::|  |::.
      ::__|  |__::
   >____     ____<
       ::  |   |  ::
         '::|  |::'
            |  |
            |  |
"Be not afraid, I go before you always, come follow Me and I will give you rest..."
January 17, 2011, 07:41:41 AM

Through love the devil becomes an angel.
Through love stones become soft as butter.
Through love grief is like delight.
Through love demons become the servants of God.

Mevlana Rumi
(1207 - 1273)
December 09, 2010, 11:48:38 PM
A cool (but old) picture that reminds me of the back of the big first-edition Astral Dynamics  book by Robert Bruce:  

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Author Topic: Protection Methods & Information  (Read 20865 times)
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The Council

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« on: September 04, 2006, 01:24:43 PM »

Introduction :
Note: The  purpose of this thread is to provide Resources for Protection. Please post methods to shield, ground and protect or links to internet resources to the reply thread and I will merge it as appropriate .

As we tune in or switch on and find our own path we need to use discernment about what we accept . You should sit in your own truth and be comfortable there .  If you disagree or feel uncomfortable with anything that is suggested here,  by all means find an alternative Truth  that is acceptable to you.Thanks .

Spiritual Protection is recommended before any energy work including but not limited to  divination , energy raising , meditation , projection , healing , reading a sitter and  psionics.

Humans are spirits living in a physical body. As we become in tune with ourselves and those around us, we realise that so much around us is made up of energy. We can build our energy body or deplete it by our choices and by our company . We can build up our energy by developing the energy body to make it strong and healthy . We can also be depleted by being in poor company , adverse environments and under stressful circumstances .

Part I

What is Protection ?
Spiritual Protection is energy that shield us . It can be increased by raising the light quotient of the energy body over time and through temporary shielding devices such as visualisations , banishing rituals and prayers of protection . The routine use of ritual prayers of protection also increases the vibration of the energy body . Angels can be called upon in times of need to protect us
too .

Why do we need protection ?
If unprotected , we can pick up on any energy including negative influences and negative energy from those that are depressed , anxious ,ill , negatively attached . Anything another may be giving out consciously or unconciously may invade our aura . This energy can be both positive and negative . When people get too close to us we might feel uneasy . If we do not like their vibrations we need to move away or increase our shielding .

Some people are just naturally negative and attract negativiity to themselves . Criminals , the mentally ill , and sociopaths may be very negative . Some people will be temporily negative due to a grieving process , emotional angst , garbage or serious illness . Others choose to be negative and will purposely drain others.This can be done by stirring up trouble , provoking rage and then sucking up the energy that comes off the victim.

The term Psi Vampire is used to describe negative people that drain other humans . I do not believe that a human is ever born as a psi vampire . I believe it is a pattern of misbehaviour which is dependent upon harvesting the energy of others and that much of this energy is wasted in that transaction .  Rather than raising energy themselves , psi vampires may work in viscious cycles of sucking up and sucking out . A Psi vamp may pretend to care for their victim while routinely draining them of energy . This is like keeping a cow close by for fresh milk. By appearing to be a close friend who is worthy of trust they may drain slowly  through the emotional cords attached to their victim's  energy body . All of us have experienced such temporoary drains from loved ones which we bear because we love them these are usually unintentional and occur during a time of need such as an emotional crisis or a serious illness .

The difference is that a psi vamp realises that sudden boost as a thrill they get by draining others so that they consciously and strategically employ diverse strategies to continue to get their fix of energy . Common methods are ; inciting anger , provoking stress and  instilling fear to harvest a cloud of energy from their hosts. This cloud is not effecient at feeding the psi vampire though and most of it is wasted . Also the host may easily become co- dependent upon the psi vamp which will cause them to sabotage their relationship and set them selves up as a target .

To protect against this , we must first recognise the vampires among our relationships . Then , we can avoid those people , break off the relationship , remove the cord in meditative trance or have a cutting cord healing session for example . We can also refuse to feed them by controlling our reaction to them . We can not change the action of another but we can change our reaction to  it . We can refuse to give them the time , the energy , or the cord . We can break the cycle and prevent reattachment to individuals that continue such activities . The cords may be found in the heart of our energy body .

Humans attach cords instinctively and are generally  unconscious of the existence of the cords from our many relationships; ie workmates , friends , relatives ,lovers , ex lovers ,  partners and  spouses .  We may have people who  sustain and support us and others  ones who regularly  drain us   .We may have cords which are mutual or cords which are one way .But 'Hosts' may also be tapped directly with a hose or tendril-like energy structure which helps the energy to be pulled away parasitically much like a mosquito sucks blood . The pattern of behaviour may become so insidious that these people consciously drain and feed upon the energy of those around them .These are called Psi Vampires .

How do we recognise a Negative Person;
brings us down
gives us the creeps
gives us a bad vibe
makes us feel uncomfortable
is very draining
tires us out
makes us feel bad
is overly demanding of attention
brings nothing to the party
is a one way friend who
is a taker
has nothing to give back

How will I know if I am protected or not?Being unprotected normally manifests itself within the emotional and spiritual bodies in symptoms like these;.
    * Irritable/losing your temper
    * Drained
    * Nightmares
    * Easily influenced by others
    * Threatened/defensive
    * Fanatical about someone
    * Feeling other peoples emotions/pain
    * Bumping into people
    * Copying or living your life through others -vicarious choices
    * On a physical level you can feel pain in the back of your neck,
        solar plexus (pit of stomach), or wrists.
    * Burning on limbs like saltwater on a sunburn
       ( I feel it mostly in my forearms -AC)

It is important for us to learn that we can pick up and take on board this energy especially as we start to develop our intuition and spiritual awareness. We become more sensitive to the energies that constantly surround us, and it then becomes important to know what we should do to avoid becoming susceptible to any negativity that we may encounter.

The more spiritually aware and intuitive we are , the more sensitive we become to all the energies around us. We especially need to be aware of protecting our energy fields when dealing with other people as a healer/medium or clairvoyant for example. We need to make sure that we don't take on negativity from the sitter or from the spirits we interact with .

So how do I build up energy field  protection?
    * Keep fit and well
    * Drink lots of water
    * Wear protective colours
        for example gold, silver,white ,  violet or blue
    * Wear or carry crystals with a protective quality -amethyst, Lapis Lazuli,
        Sugilite, Laramar, Gold or blue Tigers Eye and Hawks Eye
    * Wear or use protective symbols -a Cross ,a  Star of David ,
       Hand of Fatima , Egyptian Ankh, Runes, Pentagram
    * Symbols are very personal things, so only wear
       or carry what feels right for you and what you are comfortable with.
    * Visualizations- sitting in an egg of light with the base
       just below the floor,  surrounded by protective light
      (gold, silver, white , blue or  violet)

ie egg method
 Any negative thoughts/emotions from others will not  enter but it will hit the eggshell and slide  down it into the ground to be transmuted in to positive energy.

Some of the above section has been Paraphrased  from  a good site on Protection found here ;  http://www.mystic-mouse.co.uk/Wisdom_Texts/Protection.htm

Grounding is maintaining a connection to Mother Earth . This is done by strengthening our roots which is the energy body connection underground . We can develop our  awareness that we are still in a physical body although we are switching on and tuning in to become  spiritually developed . Without a  balanced grounding,  we become drained and may unconsciously pull down the vibration of those around us .  

What are the benefits of grounding ?
    * increases our energy from the source of Mother Earth
    * increases balance and stability in our emotions
    * increases strength for physically tasking duties
    * helps with all athletic competitions
       but is used a lot by martial art experts
    * creates a bridge between spirit guides and our consciousness
    * provides an effluent  outlet to purge negativity
       as from the heels to Mother Earth ; to cleanse easier.
    * allows for the greater development of the energy body
       and for the attainment of higher spiritual skills.

How will you know if you are  ungrounded ? After healing , meditating or any energy body work these symptoms may occur;
    * Dizziness
    * Daydreaming
    * A feeling of being 'Spaced Out'
    * Feeling sick to stomach
    * Clumsiness
    * Falling asleep when meditating
    * Trancing too easily at inappropriate times ie driving
    * Forgetfulness
    * A feeling of floating

Here are some things you can do to help bring you back down to earth:
    * Eating especially meat
    * Drinking water
    * Walking, especially in natural surroundings
    * Sports, yoga, tai chi etc.
    * planting or any activity connecting you to soil
    * Visualization of roots beneath your energy body
       connected to your solar plexus
    * Wearing earth colours ; reds, browns some blacks
    * Carrying certain  crystals

Much of the above section has been paraphrased , which means I have added to or subtracted from and in some cases directly quoted from a good site on protection cited  here ;

I do not believe in closing chakras down or grounding self when completing energy work . I feel that we must have balance in all things . So we abstain from meat or large heavy greasy meals prior to meditation , we might even choose to fast  . And when we are too light and "away with the fairies " so to speak the opposite is good medicine . That is when a greasy hamburger or other fast food will actually help . The importance comes in balance . So what is the opposite of GROUNDING your vibration ? It is LIFTING the vibration . Note some of the same activities above work for both those are balancing methods ie drinking a lot of water .

Raising Vibrations
   * Drink lots of water
   * Reduce use of meat , fats and sugars
   * Deep Cleanse Prana Daily
   * Learn to breathe well
   * Raise Energy Daily -from Mother Earth up through the feet
   * Also Bring down Energy Daily from the cosmos
      or Father Sky down through the crown
   * Sit in Meditation Daily
   * Get in touch with your guides , contact your higher self ,
      learn spirit communication
   * Actively develop your clairient abilities
   * Heal self and Heal others for free
   * Give Service to Others
   * What you learn for free , share for free
   * Observe and reflect on all thoughts
   * Discipline the mind to reject any negative thought
     any anger any disturbing thoughts
   * Focus on the Positive
   * Always Bring Down the White Light -Wrap all loved ones ,
      all workplaces and cars and homes with a blanket of loving white light
   * Make all choices in love and light for greater good ,
   * Do everything in love and light
   * Practice psionics and projection to develop energy body
   * Learn to recall projections in dreamstate
   * Learn to make conscious OBEs
   * Cardiovascular workouts w/stretching exercises ie yoga
     ,swimming ,walking, stretching, are excellent
   * Record your visions,and meditations and dreamstate lessons in a journal
   * Avoid smoke
   * Learn more about protection
   * Serve the world and our planet
   * Read a lot and always be willing to learn more
   * Send loving energy built up from meditation down to Mother Earth
      to help heal and sustain the energy of our home

There are many methods of protection.  Some of them rely only on the user, but many call upon stronger holy beings to assist.
Robert Bruce's Methods
Robert Bruce prefers to rely on the self.  He has a very practical approach to solving problems.  He uses what works.  

Many of his methods (and many of the basics) are posted at no charge here:

He has also published Practical Psychic Self Defense which goes into great detail on 'practical' methods, active and passive, which he has discovered through his experiences.  The book is not free, obviously.  I think it ran me $10-$15.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (acronym 'LBRP') is used extensively by many magicians and mystics for protection.  It calls upon the assistance of Archangels.  It is said that the regular practitioner develops a nigh invulnerable shell around themselves.

http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/index.php/topic,575.0.html (basic/intro version)
http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/index.php/topic,573.0.html (See "first item of business", advanced version)

Building an ashram can assist with the protection of a static area, such as your home.  Ashrams are constructed using psi rods.
Building Psi Rods: http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/index.php/topic,563.0.html
(see "third item of business: group activity - creating psi rods", can be done solo, basic)

Building Ashrams from Psi Rods: http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/index.php/topic,563.0.html
(see "Applications of Psi Rods", intermediate)

My Personal Favorite Protection Method
This is the method I use.  It is continuously evolving as I learn, so as to cover up back entrances and such into my energy field.  I suggest everyone develop their own method when they're comfortable using the knowledge they have.  Personalizing it makes it more effective for you.  This means my method won't work as powerfully as another person's for them, because it is made especially for me by me.

This method is based  on the Celtic Light Prayer:

"Light before me, Light behind me, Light under my feet,
Light above me, Light within me, let all around me be Light.
God before us/me, God behind us/me, God under our/my feet, God above us/me, God within us/me, Let all around us/me be God."

Light above me, Light below me, Light around me, Light within me.   (x2)
I am surrounded by Light, Love, and Laughter.
I call upon my higher self and any willing angels to [assist me with this meditation and to] protect me.

The "above/below/around/within" are accompanied by visulizations of Light shields being formed.

« Last Edit: November 30, 2010, 04:08:43 PM by Blaze » Logged

Nothing to fear but fear itself.

"Fear is the great barrier to human growth.  It is said that when we are born...we bring with us only two fears, of loud noise and falling.  As we grow older we learn more and more fears so that by the time we reach maturity we are loaded with them."  -RM
The Council

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« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2006, 01:26:55 PM »

Prayers of Protection

The Lord's Prayer ;Origin in the Jewish Torah as in the Kadesh, revised by Christ in the New Testament

23rd Psalm "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death I shall fear no evil "

Christ -Pagan;

White Light Prayer and Shielding ;

Celtic Prayers ;

Guardian Angel ;

Exorcism Rite ;

Prayers to Saint Michael;
Michael , Michael , Michael ,Please Hear My Prayer ,  Be with me now to Protect me and Guide Me , So help me God and Goddess .

Pagan Prayers , The Lady's Prayer ;

Assorted Prayers;

Keep in mind that some of these links contain rather fundamentalist beliefs, declaring trivial activities like martial arts, yoga, D&D, etc as facilitating of possession.  As with all things, take them with a grain of salt.  -Blaze

This section below has been directly copied from my own site . I compiled it years ago . Where it is not my own words , I have left a citation to the site referenced .  -AC

Part II
I. Live a Good Life.

Like attracts Like . Send out no Negativity . So none comes back to you in kind .
Have faith not fear . Fear attracts negativity into your life . Fear is false evidence assumed real .

First do no harm . What you send out comes back to you . If you send out love it comes back twice . But if you send out hate it comes back threefold . If you hate the one who has mistreated you then you send out hatred to the world around you . This attacks the person making them more hateful and more wicked .Is this what you want to happen ? Now this person sends out more hatred to the world and those around him . This hatred which originated from you , your hatred ricochets and hits the innocents on its path from you to him . It will come back and bite you on the bum with great voracity and accuracy . Is that what you want ? Now the hated one believes that you are the one that sent this hatred back to him and he comes back to whump you again . Certainly that is not your intention .

So turn the other cheek and walk away . Forgive and Forget if you can . If not just forgive and feel sorry for them. Let them loose from bonds with you and move on with your life . Give them no power. Let no enmity exist between you and them . Send them away from you with love and prayers so that they harm no others the way they hurt you and so you do not have to be hurt again in that way and repeat the lesson until you get it right .

If you can not forgive yet at least do no harm .Send down white light around you and them and the situation . If the strife continues and you find no seperation or space between you then surround yourself in mirrors . Use creative visualisation energy to protect yourself . See yourself surrounded by mirrors . Thus when they think of you they will see themselves in your mirrors and how negative and nasty they look to even themselves . This may make them reflect and withdraw .

Instead of anger and negativity and fear and hatred focus your intent on God . Focus your creative thoughts on peace your energies on love and light and laughter .

Share your smile and laughter . Make rooms of love and giggles . Brighten our world with colours and happy thoughts . Brighten yourself and others with a big smile . Of all the things you wear your smile is the most beautiful . Wear it and share it with the world .
Share your light . When others are down offer comfort , kindness love reach out this comes back to you twofold .

Share your love. All beings are worthy of love . Each had a mother that loved them once . Be a good mother and try to love each creature with divine compassion . See the divine aspect in all of life .

Clean your act up . Clean up your mouth . Clean your words your thoughts your deeds .Dont be crude . Let all your ways be gentle ways let all your words bring peace .

Don't pollute your body or the earth with smoking .It is an abomination . Your breath brings in your life . Your exhalation should extend the life of the world around you . Your out breaths should not pollute and poison your world . Breath is light . Light is energy. This vital energy is Prana . It renews us and connects us to each other and to God .

Don't do recreational drugs . Refrain from all things that weaken your body . Take what you cannot resist in moderation only . If you drink do so in moderation . Don't mess with drugs .

Be Careful who you hang with . Like attracts like . if you are living with a violent alchoholic you will also find the spirits of violent alchoholics like to hang out there too causing much mischief and despair .

When you set your foot upon the path of life and light and love the spirit that is around you is guiding healing cleansing instead .

Clean up your room ! Especially where you sleep . No clutter . No dark corners . Always have fresh air even in the winter open the window a crack . Listen to running water in the way of fountains it cleanses the energy around you . Hang windchimes that tinkle put them by an open window or hang them outside . Put big windchimes by the doors . Play soft music in the house if not tuned in to a tv or radio then play a background soft music leave it on when you sleep faintly stirring the lovely energies around you .Fresh Flowers garden window boxes even better or pretty plants .Living plants or flowers bring in good energy .

If you want God's grace be graceful . Say your prayers . Bless all those you hold dear and their homes . Protect your home with white light each night and each morning and protect your car and your place of work and study for you and all of your loved ones .

Native American 10 Commandments
Always send some healing to Mother Earth too .
   1. The Earth is our mother care for her . The sky is our father we must remember him .
   2. Honor all your relations
   3. Open your heart and soul to the great spirit
   4. All life is sacred treat all beings with respect
   5. Take from the earth what is needed and nothing more
   6. Do what needs to be done for the good of all
   7. Give constant thanks to the great spirit for each new day
   8. Speak the truth but only of the good in others
   9. Follow the rhythms of nature rise and retire with the sun
  10. Enjoy life's journey but leave no tracks

Judeo -Christian 10 Commandments

   1. I am the Lord thy God, have no other Gods before me .
   2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
   3. Remember thou keep the Sabbath Day.
   4. Honor thy Father and thy Mother.
   5. Thou shalt not kill.
   6. Thou shalt not commit adultery.
   7. Thou shalt not steal.
   8. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
   9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's spouse.
  10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods.
Check yourself : What would Jesus Do , Say ?

II. Use Protection Daily

WHITE Light before us White  Light behind us , White Light under our feet ,White Light above us , White Light within us , Let all around us be White Light ,We ask that our highest sources come in to lead us in light and laughter to reveal only truths - Used when beginning meditation or readings

(repeat using God , Christ , Peace or Love)

    * White Light -Always bring down the White Light on family home cars work
    * White Robe of Christ Light- Ask for this in time of need see it and believe it FAITH
    * Crosses of White Light on Doors and Windows -visualise these
    * Golden Ring of Protection -visualise this
    * Golden Egg- visualise this in prayer each night
    * Rainbow or Golden Dome - visualise and pray for this
    * Blue Flame of Archangel St. Michael- Say HELP HELP HELP ST MICHAEL PROTECT ME
    * Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai "Tsebayoth: Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of Hosts! Amen
    * Metatron's Rainbow Net or Platinum Net - Invoke it Pray and Call for this protection

http://www.gardenof-eden.com/lesson_7.htm (scroll down below the white space on this link) Free Online Lessons on Spiritual Development and Protection

http://thevioletflame.tripod.com/ St. Germaine's Violet Flame

http://www.wistancia.com/protsym.htm Protective Symbols

Books for Sale . Search with Key Words on Google Spiritual Protection or Psychic Defense


    * Practical Psychic Self-Defense by Robert Bruce- Best on Market for Nasty Negatives
    * Practical Guide to Psychic Self-Defense and Well-Being by Melita Denning, et al
    * Protected by the Light by Bruce Goldberg
    * Spiritual Cleansingby Draja Mickaharic
      The Art of Psychic Protection by Judy Hall

III. If Times Get Tough

Call in expert help:

Ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart of hearts and give you peace .

Pray to the Mahatma. The Buddha the Ascended Masters for Peace in you and around you.

Pray to the Lord Our God

Ask for the White Brotherhood to protect you :See yourself armed for battle with a sword of brilliant white light that dispels but does not kill. What is "killed" in spirit may be recreated and come back . Instead try to send it away. Banish it with love and light .Once the neg is gone ,do not invite it back with filth and anger and decadence . Clean up your own act !

Calling the Four Corners

Invoke the Archangels of the Four Quarters: There are many variations to this practice here are a few ;

Standing facing North ,We do invoke the presence of Archangel Gabriel , Blessings of the North upon us now , Winds of strength, Gracious Father Sky Bring us perfect peace and perfect trust.

Standing facing East , We do invoke the presence of Archangel Uriel ,Blessings of the East be upon us now , Fires of creation and destruction , Bring us perfect light , and protection

Standing facing South , We do invoke the presence of Archangel Raphael Blessings of the South be upon us now , Beloved Earth
ground us and protect us from all harm

Standing facing West , We do invoke the presence of Archangel Michael ,Blessings of the West be upon us now , Precious Waters of Life , Bring us perfect purity and cleansing

We stand before you fully protected . Thank you merciful God and Goddess

Stand facing North  call Archangel Gabriel  stands before me .On my right  hand Uriel .Behind me stands Raphael . On my left hand stands Michael . I stand fully protected . Thank you merciful God

    * Robert Bruce http://forums.astraldynamics.com/
    * author and expert often offers advice. Spiritual Churches often have contacts for people that will cleanse a home .
    * Priests might give you Holy Water and Prayers . If one refuses ask another.
    * Remember an ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure . Always do what is for the greater good .

Pray incessantly in Adoration , in Thanksgiving , in Petition , in Benediction , in Reparation .

Sit Regularly in Meditation allow God to Reveal to you what God wants to show you .
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Nothing to fear but fear itself.

"Fear is the great barrier to human growth.  It is said that when we are born...we bring with us only two fears, of loud noise and falling.  As we grow older we learn more and more fears so that by the time we reach maturity we are loaded with them."  -RM
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Definition : Psi Vampires are people who suck energy.  Psi Vamps directly or indirectly drain energy from all those around them .

Psi vamps are not born that way .Psi vamps tend to become active in this behaviour during pre pubescence . They develop this anti social behaviour due to circumstances in their life . They often mature and stop this parasitic practice . In cases of mental illness or emotional disturbances a person may prolong this behaviour indefinitely . Medication and therapy may be of great help . But some may instead choose to hunt and harvest with malicious intentions .  

Co -dependent relationships exist wherein the psi vamp has a tirade and the partner feeds them . All human beings may be needly in times of crisis and suck energy as in the case of the terminally ill and the recently bereaved . Certainly newborns and young toddlers require a great deal of energy and demand it .During times of crisis,  people can become really needy of energy . We can depend upon the love and support of friends and relatives .

 But the psi vampire is not seeking short term energy though . The difference is that the psi vamp is not very young or very ill . They push their lives into crisis after crisis to wreak havoc and demand attention .

Psi vamps degradate the human to be feasted upon in such a way that it cannot be construed to be anything other than a negative act which depletes the immune system of the weak and the unaware and brings on medical and spiriitual maladies . This provokes a karmic debt to such a victim  because it is an inherently selfish act of non love .

What humans do in love and light unites us to our higher self and guardian angel . What we do to harm another unites us to our lower self and guardian demon .  Psi Vamps often become victims themselves as a consequence of their negativity and become demonically attached . When their vibration becomes low enough they will no longer be able to see clairvoyantly or  project .They will lose thier clairaudient connection to their higher self and hear only the lower self rising . It is a vicious cycle .

Psi vamps also tend to exert a drain of energy around them by their temperament even when they do not harvest the energy . There is an uneasiness as people skirt around them like walking on eggshells waiting for the next event . They prevent the opportune exchange of ideas to promote learning or success and divert attention to themselves instead . They are not capable of harvesting the subtracted energy which they have thus drained from other's enlightenment process and it is wasted . Psi vamps waste a lot of energy . When a cloud of emotion is provoked it is not as easy to take it in and much of it is just lost .

Psi Vamps can help themselves by recognising their behaviour and learning methods to control and arrest it .The first step in a solution is to become aware of being a psi vamp and then seeking help to prevent parasitic behaviours . Therapy and counseling can help the person develop relationships that thrive .  Psi vamping can be discontinued by changing the behaviour which can be assisted through counseling and therapy too .

For our daily energy needs , it is best to raise this ourself  because vamping energy makes both the psi vampire and the host weaker . Deep cleanse , drink lots of water , exercise , and learn to raise energy daily . Also learn to give time and energy , the more we give to others,  the more we build up our own storage centres so that they can hold more . Psi Vamps  can learn to raise their own energy too .  There is inexhaustible energy in the universe . A psi vamp may raise energy at will from the earth and stop harvesting the living . Learning techniques to raise energy is simple to do . NEW tutorials for example are free at this link ; http://www.astraldynamics.com/home/new-energy-ways/using-new-full-tutorial.html

Victims can help themselves by increasing their own energy and developing their energy body . Their drain will not hurt as badly if you  have sufficient energy and shielding is even more effective on a strong energy body . Unfortunately the weakest ones are those that are most easily harvested . People who are empathic and sensitive also make easy victims . We are trying on forums like these to become more sensitive to energy . So we find ourselves more aware also of those that remove it without consent . Victims can move away and avoid psi vamps . Victims can shield before any energy work , before sleeping  and whenever they feel threatened .

All humans can  learn Reiki or spiritual healing . When you draw in energy from the crown prana or  the earth , you can send it from the heart to  your palms to help heal sick animals and friends . This does not replace the need for medical treatment of course but it helps builds up their  immune system and it eases their pain and distress. When we learn to pass energy in that way , we do not give them our own energy, instead  we become a channel through which energy flows . This in turn  builds up your own energy body .

Symptoms a Psi Vampires might notice about themselves :
* anxiety
* depression
* reduced immune system
* lack of creativity
* burning sensation on the flesh like saltwater on a sunburn
* night terrors
* nightmares
* insomnia
* mood swings
* dropping emotional bombs - saving up the bad news to drop it without softening the blow
* sabotaging own relationships
* showboating and grandstanding
* impulsive behaviour that embaresses themselves later
* taking negative attention by manipulation and staging
* self destructive tendencies
* failure to maintain a job , study or a relationship
* being a one way friend who takes more than they give
* bringing nothing to the table in a relationship being overly needy
* calling up friends only to vent
* being unable to listen to the problems of others
* going to someone's home just to blow off steam and leave a stink
* substance abuse
* neg attachments

Symptoms a victim of  psi vamping might notice ;
* unusual rage
* uncharacteristic confusion
* unprovoked depression and anxiety
* inability to concentrate or focus
* reduced immune system
* feeling perturbed and anxious in the presence of the psi vamps in their life
* feeling much better after the psi vamp leaves
* having nightmares about being attacked , sucked , drained
* nightmares about bats , mosquitoes , vampires
* insomnia
* night terrors
* nightmares
* when under severe attack , the skin may burn like an infected sunburn or sunpoisoning commonly on the lower arms and behind the neck

Some examples  of Psi Vamp Attacks :
On a forum :
* daily harvesting of internet sites - some lurk just to suck
* imbedding negative energy into threads just to provoke angst , rage and fear and then harvesting from each member who replies
* seeking high vibration texts which have been imbedded to raise the vibration of others and draining them intentionally
* stirring fights , trolling , debating , causing angst and anxiety which releases energy the vamp sucks but ultimately wastes it

In a relationship :
* stealing the day -when it is someone else's big event ie wedding , graduation , birthday , the psi vamp stages a big stink
* dropping the emotional bomb -coming over to a relatives home just to dump emotional garbage and then sucking in the pity vibe
* putting more on the plate than they can handle - taking on too many problems .If life is good ,they make trouble to get attention
* breaking all the rules just to get attention
* seeking negative attention from family ,friends , work by non conforming behaviour which incites badwill
* inciting rage to eat the cloud of energy
* provoking sadness and pity for their condition to eat the energy
* sucking constantly so that the victim is unaware of how bad it is until they leave that relationship
* staging events to get attention
* manipulating one person against another to harvest the energy wasted in the fight
* a friend who your other friends refuse to hang with
* a person who comes into the room and others leave because of it
* a person who won't listen to your problems but wants to dump their own on your shoulders
* unbalanced relationships that are not give and take but selfish and one way

In a crowd ;
* the psi vamp gives us the creeps
* we get a bad vibe
* they bring down the energy in a room when they walk in
* people move away from them on a subway seat or bus stop bench
* they lack light clairvoyantly, they do not exude light they suck it in
Methods of Attack :

All relationships form cords . These can be temporary such as the exchange between self and wait staff or check out clerk . These can be mutually supporting as in thriving family or friend relationships . Cords can be destructive as in the case of a criminal attack , an adversary or a stalker . These can be draining as in the case of a cord to a psi vamp . Cords can be cut , removed and healed .

* inserting a energy cord into the victim's aura or heart and sucking off it whenever they choose .
* entering  the dreamscape and chasing the victim to  eat the frightened ones energy
* stirring up emotions of rage , anger , sadness and fear to suck in the cloud of emotional energy
* projecting to a victim's home and standing behind them to drain them
* joining a group just to suck energy
* going to a spiritual retreat , circle or psychic fair etc just to suck energy
* sending emails or PMs and following the line of communication to suck
* working in a place that feeds them energy ie prison guards , psych hospital wardens , police stations , hospitals , schools , sports
* forming sexually abusive relationships
* forming gangs of projectors who attack in dreamstate

Methods of Protection :
* ignore , do not take the bait
* be calm and talk quietly , leave if they begin to shout
* do not mirror them and escalate the situation
* put a psi shield over yourself
* give them the energy with love and light when  you choose  , take control of the situation
* pray for them
* talk to them and tell them to leave you alone
* influence their higher self to heal them
* urge them to seek counseling
* make them aware of the problem and offer to help
* deep cleanse with breathing  and lots of water
* watch your own ways , make all your ways bring peace
* read about psi vamps and educate yourself
* watch for the symptoms and avoid those relationships
* learn to say no , don't give them your time and energy
* do not accept the cord of a psi vamp
* remove the cords that hurt you  
* learn to shield

Shielding :
* deep cleanse breathing daily
* drink lots of water
* make good choices of love and light
* raising energy daily
* prayers of protection
* visualisations and manifestations of energy shields ie eggs of light around you , home , family , bike , car ,  class , school ,work
* blankets of psi or white light
* remove negative cords
* be conscious of who you allow into your car , your home , your heart
* daily remove junk cords formed by community encounters ; deep cleanse and blow them away thru the powerful heart chakra
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Nothing to fear but fear itself.

"Fear is the great barrier to human growth.  It is said that when we are born...we bring with us only two fears, of loud noise and falling.  As we grow older we learn more and more fears so that by the time we reach maturity we are loaded with them."  -RM
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Here are some diverse ideas about energy cords and how they help us and harm us and how to remove the cords that harm us . Please use discernment . There are conflicting opinions about this subject . So seek your own truths . Personally I do not believe it is necessary to pay someone to do this for you . I feel we can learn to do it ourselves . We can be vigilant then to prevent re-attachments of negative cords . We can also choose to form a healthy cord instead .

A very informative article on cords :  http://www.deanramsden.com/studentclient-resources/chakra-cords/

Marlene was the first teacher who taught me about cord cutting a decade ago . She said we can deep cleanse and use fire energy and burn away all of the superficial junk cords daily . The loved ones are deeper and will not be harmed . She believed we should remove negative cords  ourselves and she taught this method .

 Open in protection , raise energy , sit in dim light and look at our chest in the centre is our heart chakra . Look with the brow centre through the third eye with the physical eyes closed . Call in your highest source and connect to your highest angelic self too .
Ask them to help you remove negative cords . First say the name of the person who you know you wish to disconnect too now . Say it again until you see the cord light up . Put your energy hands on that cord and pull slowly and loosely to remove it . If it is tough manifest psi scissors and cut it away . Burn the end with white light or fire energy  to cauterise the wound and prevent re- attachment . Say aloud ," let no enmity exist between me and thee . I remove my ties to you now . "

Discipline the mind to push away any thought of that person . Make sure you remove any jewelry connected to them and remove their items from your home and immeditate surroundings . Wear nothing that is theirs . Remove their photos from your sight and do not speak their name . If someone begins conversation about that person with you say," Who ?" and without saying their name tell them you do not want to be connected to the energy of that person again .

After you have cleansed the home and bedroom of this person's energy consider new bedclothes , fresh air in the room , new paint on the walls , redecoration . Then look again and make sure the cord is gone .

EMOTIONAL CORD CUTTING-Emotional cords form energetic links between you and other people or situations. Although some cords with children and spouses are appropriate, most of the cords we have are unhealthy and create an unbalanced dependency or codependency with other people. Negative cords can form when we have traumatic experiences, or from a sense of betrayal, guilt, blame, anger, depression, or attachment of any kind. Because of its intimacy and intensity, sexual interaction, even a deep kiss, results in being corded for seven years!

When a cord has formed between two people, energy flows between them even if they are no longer in each other's lives or in physical proximity. If negative emotional patterns are associated with that relationship, person, or experience, your energy and life force can become drained and depleted, keeping you stuck in patterns of the past. Once your cords are cut through this process, you are free to reconnect with those who are important to you! As a result, you can establish your current relationships on a new and healthier level, with new energy and a new focus. From :http://www.allianceoflightcenters.com/services.htm

From Practical Tools for Everyday Use-  by Takara

Every time you have an emotional encounter with anyone, you become literally energetically attached to them. A cord of energy goes from your energy field to theirs and you are, from that moment forward, exchanging energy with them all of the time.

The largest energetic attachments are usually created between parent and child. And if you look back at all the emotional experiences you have with your parents, you can understand why. There is usually alot of energy exchanged between siblings and spouses and anyone else you spend lots of time with. Even brief encounters, if they are emotional, also provide opportunities for energetic attachment. This includes things like automobile accidents, muggings, and rape. Someone could have mugged you 5 years ago and you are still exchanging energy with that person. Yuck!

These cords of energy usually attach at a particular chakra, or energy center, of the body. So if you had a boss you didn't like, the attachment is usually at the solar plexus - or power center - and you are disempowered by remaining attached to that person.

Every person you have ever been sexually intimate with is energetically attached to you. Why do you think spouses know when their partners have been "cheating" on them? They can feel the energy of the other person.

It doesn't matter if the person lives next door or half way around the world, the energy exchange still continues and still affects your every moment. They have some of your energy and you have some of theirs. You are influencing each other, often in negative ways.

The old school of thought was to "cut the cords" and everyone called in Archangel Michael and his mighty sword and hacked away. A bit barbaric for my taste.

A newer idea that many have talked about lately deals with the fact that most people don't even know about this energetic cording. It is naturally something that happens and therefore should be left alone. Ignore the cords.

Well I've tried it both ways. I've removed the cords and I've ignored the cords. And for me, removing the cords is DEFINITELY the better and most empowering choice. Many people in the healing arts remove cords after every single session with clients - so they don't take on their client's problems.

So here is my very simple and effective way to permanently remove the cords attached to you and your energy field:
 1. Call in your Higher Self and your guides - (include God, Archangel Michael, angels, or any other Beings of Light that you would like present to assist you.)

 2. Using a pendulum or applied kinesiology, ask if you have any cords that it would be in your highest and best interest to remove now. If you get no, then you can just thank your guides and go on about your day.

 3. Ask if you can just remove all cords or if it is best to name particular individuals. If you get that naming particular people would be best, then begin naming people and use the pendulum to determine which of those people you need to remove cords with. I always remove the cords with a person's mom and dad and any other person who had or has a great deal of influence on them - good or bad.

 4. Then just say:Please gently dissolve all cords between myself and all others (or a particular person's name). Then check with the pendulum to see when that is complete.Please fill all the spaces within me and the other person (or persons) where the cords were attached with golden white healing light and love to permanently heal those locations within our bodies and energy fields.
Please return to me all the energy that is mine that is held by this person (or these persons).Please return to this person (or these persons) all energy that is theirs that I have been holding.We are now each complete within ourselves. Check with the pendulum to make sure that it is complete.

Most people feel more empowered, centered, and at peace almost instantly. A great sense of relief and lightness can occur. Some people need to rest and others feel incredibly energized - it just depends on the person. And you definitely need to drink lots of pure water.Every time you have an emotional encounter, cords can attach. So you need to perform this exercise periodically to keep yourself energetically clear. - http://www.spiritofnature.org/practicaltools.htm
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Nothing to fear but fear itself.

"Fear is the great barrier to human growth.  It is said that when we are born...we bring with us only two fears, of loud noise and falling.  As we grow older we learn more and more fears so that by the time we reach maturity we are loaded with them."  -RM
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Here are a variety of methods to  Shield. Stand in your own truth and choose what makes sense for you .

What is Psionic Shielding?
Shielding, in psychic terms, is a form of protection from outside influences such as psychic attack and empathic overload. A shield is a layer of energy that you surround yourself with and that allows you to regulate what energy will affect you and how.

How do I make a shield ?
The simplest form of shielding is a simple boundary shield. To make one, imagine your skin becoming full of energy, and imagine energy coming out of the top of your head and pouring down your body. Wherever this energy touches your energized skin, it solidifies. It turns into a solid shield of energy that can protect you. There. You have now made your first shield
(albeit a weak one ) More here ;  http://home.xtra.co.nz/hosts/Wingmakers/Psi%20Shielding.html (dead link)

Wiccan Shielding ;


    * A shield is a bubble of energy that works like a window screen or glass. It filters any type of energy you tell it to, in any way you choose.
    * Common uses are to bounce away negative energy, letting only positive through; to bounce off psychic scans, telepathy, and  energy from other people; and to keep your emotions or physical space separate from other people's.
    * Decide first exactly what you want your personal shield to do. Discuss this as a group.
    * Will it filter or repel all energy? Temporary or permanent? Defensive only or aggressive? What texture will it have, rubber, glass, soap, feathers, light?
    * Once you have a clear intent, ground, center, and draw energy.
    * Direct it out from your body in any way you choose; through your hands, or through your head, or out through your skin.  Imagine it all flowing into a bubble around you and back down to the earth, in a cycle. Again, don't bottle it up, keep it flowing.
    * When you feel that the shield is strong enough, send your intent into it, and then let go of it. It will continue to maintain itself, and it will carry out the purpose you gave it.
    * Take the flow of energy you've been drawing from the earth and let it shrink, and ground back into the earth. The shield has its own separate energy flows and is unaffected by the other things you do now.
    * Give practice time and discuss with the group. Address problems.
    * Stress and tiredness can affect the shield over the long-term. You may want to add energy to it (the same way you originally built it) on a regular basis, whenever you feel you need it.
    * Meditation, time alone, and rest are the best ways to prevent stress from tearing down your shield and your personal energy.
    * Summarize: Ground and center. Choose the shield's purpose. Draw energy and swirl it into the shield. Let it go and ground.

Some of lonewolf's techniques;

Shielding is one of the most important aspects of protection, if not the best way to protect yourself.
* Visualise a glass cup coming over the top of you .
* Visualise a very thick doona bed quilt wrapping around you, covering your whole body.
* Create a bubble or sphere around your body.

The only problem with shields is they are only as strong as you are, and if your attacker is stronger they will easily destroy your shields. But never fear, practice shielding more and you will start to build stronger, better, longer lasting shields.Now 'HOW' you make your shield determines how stong it will be. Say we visualise the bubble made out of plastic, someone could come along and attack you with a hammer or psiblast you and could easly destroy penetrate your shield. So be creative, don't just limit yourself to minute things. You can programme your shield to do many things also, one is only blocking one ability. telepathy for eg.

Cloaking is one of the most fun ways to play tricks on people who are sensative. lol, Robert Bruce for eg can cloak himself so even his highly aware and sensitive sister can not  even feel his presence when he walks by. That is the basic form of invisibility, each ability starts somewhere, and cloaking just happens to be the very start/basics of invisiblity.

Learning while it is fun helps you to be able to use it when under attack instinctively .Robert shrinks  his aura and disciplines his mind to not connect or think of the person he wants to hide from . -AC

I was told this method a little while ago, so ill try remember it.The basics are you dont programme your field, your energy body or your shields to do anything except let 'anything' pass right though you. ill show you below.

*attacker* <----(you)

This is how it generally works, an attacker will ping you through your energy sig, and that is like the first thing that anyone can do, even with out learning lol.. Its that basic... anyhow, the signall will be traced to you and pinged back to the attacker. This allows the attacker to know that you are there and he/she can go from there.

If you do what i mentioned above it will look like this.

*attacker* (you)

as you can see, if you do it right any form of attack, either telepathy, energy or empathy will not be affected by you, because you are basicly stepping aside and letting the attack just go straight by, or in this case straight though you.If you need any more help or have further questions dont hesitate to ask.
Your friend, MasterWolf (lonewolf on these forums)


The Basics of Shielding: A Visual Approach by Lif Fosimilis - Paranormal Specialist / Meditation Therapist / Master of the Psionic Arts

In order to understand shielding, one must first understand the basis of psionics, that is, quite basically, that everything is made up of energy and that very energy may be manipulated to various degrees. There are many things that you might wish to shield yourself against, but for purposes of this article, I will assume that your desire is to shield yourself against being drained of energy.

This type of shield is known as an inward shield, as its sole purpose is to prevent energy from leaving your body. Outward shielding, which is often used to reflect various forms of attacks, will be discussed in future articles.

The basic concept behind shielding is that, given that energy may be manipulated in various ways, it may be manipulated in such a manner as to form a 'wall' or 'barrier' of energy around a given target, in this case, the target being yourself. In effect, creating this type of inward 'barrier' allows the person who is being shielded to retain his/her energy, as any energy that would normally escape from the being is reflected back into the body. This article will describe a visual approach to this method of shielding.

To begin, you will most likely find it easier to concentrate either in complete darkness, or in candlelight. I do not recommend using scented candles, however, as it makes it too easy for a beginner in shielding to let his/her mind wander to the scent of the candle, and lose focus on what he/she is doing. Make sure that you will be uninterrupted and that there will be no audible distractions. You should find a comfortable spot in a chair, on a bed, or perhaps even on the floor. Anywhere is fine, as long as you are comfortable, yet I do not recommend laying down, as it tends to cause one to tire easily and lowers concentration.

Once you have found a suitable spot to begin, close your eyes for a few moments. Focus on your breathing, taking slow, deep breaths in through your nose, and exhaling quickly (however, not forcing) through your mouth. Concentrate only on your breathing, ignoring any other sounds. Don't let your mind wander off. Just picture nothing but complete darkness. Once you are certain that your mind is clear from any distraction, focus on how the air feels around you. Imagine that you can feel each individual atom against your skin. Note how chaotically this energy seems to fly through the air. Take a deep breath and concentrate on visually pushing and pulling this energy at various degrees, until you see that have completely surrounded yourself in a sphere. Once this sphere is complete, focus on pulling more energy into it. Make sure that there are no holes. In your mind, look around you - check behind you to make sure that the sphere is complete.

Once you are confident that you are completely encased in the sphere, focus on pulling more energy into it. Pull energy from outside the sphere and layer the energy as closely as you can to the sphere that you have already formed, creating a thick 'wall' of energy around you. Continue this process until the sphere seems so thick that it becomes opaque and you can no longer see through it.

When you have succeeded in this, imagine your sphere as a two-way mirror. Make the outside of the sphere transparent, and the inside a brilliant metallic silver. This will allow energy to flow inward, but once inside the sphere, it will not be able to escape. Once you have visualized this, test it. Send a bit of energy out of your body and watch as it reflects directly back towards you and is absorbed again. Now focus outside the sphere for a moment. Pull energy inward from outside the confines of the sphere, making sure to maintain its integrity. Once the energy comes into the sphere, it should not be able to exit.

Now slowly open your eyes, maintaining the feeling of the sphere around you as you gradually let go of the visual image. You should feel more energized, and it should be much more difficult for energy to escape from your being.

While this is only a visual exercise, it triggers your subconscious to manipulate the energy around you into a rather powerful shield that allows energy in, and allows you to retain the energy that is inside.

Practice this exercise whenever you have free time - Work on making the shield thicker and stronger. Eventually, this will train your subconscious to form the shield at your will, without having to concentrate so hard, or even having to visualize the shield around you. http://www.angelfire.com/zine/darkdreams/shielding.html  

Shielding from Psy and Psi Vamps;
[link has disappeared]

Protection of Space including Islamic Mystic Shielding ;
Creating Talismans

Manifesting Energy Shields

I recommend always using prophylactic protection . That means use it always even when you think you do not need it . When you wake and when you sleep and when you begin any energy work such as meditation , divination , reading , healing , projection , psionics . The more often you protect the stronger you become . When you are wanting to meditate a too thick cotton wool protection will make you unable to see and hear well . So seek a balance .

When you are attacked in projection ;
* Retreat - the easiest defense is to leave and return to the body
* Wiggle your big toe , if you are stuck in a dream , Robert Bruce recommends waking up to return to the body fully this way .
* Light Sword manifests an Egg of Energy -Bow on one knee and raise a sword of light above your head . Call on the power of Michael and Christ and send energy from your hand up the sword while you suck it in from your sides and feet . This makes an egg . Visualise the egg and continue to fill it with psi . A Star forms beneath you . Use this spot to project into and away from that area .
* Morphing - Become small as a seed of light or huge and intimidating like a dragon
* Cloaking for invisibility - look around you and mirror that environment to look like it
* Hiding is helpful when you find it hard to get back to your body and wake from the dream or projection . The inside of walls is a good space . A doorjam is stronger . You are spirit become tiny , hang on the ceiling like spiderman , be creative
* Turning your energy lights off and shielding your heart light is recommended by Franz Bardon . Draw up black earth and be still . Place your palms over your chest and crouch to cover the face and heart which are the easiest to see in projection .
* Shield Wave - draw up a wave of akashic psi from earth , especially cover up all the way to the heart asap
* Stellis Armour - Stellis is a blue silver frozen akashic psi called frozen moonlight , form a wall of blue silver stellis and walk into it
* Mirris Wall - A new elemental mirror is a luminous reflective akasha called mirris , make walls of it to hide in mirrors - be creative
* Laughter - Fear attracts negativity , fill yourself with pinky red giggle bubble juice and push it up the feet and down the crown of the attacker , make bubble wrap as a shield and to blanket the attacker . This element is frothy red pink bubbles.
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Nothing to fear but fear itself.

"Fear is the great barrier to human growth.  It is said that when we are born...we bring with us only two fears, of loud noise and falling.  As we grow older we learn more and more fears so that by the time we reach maturity we are loaded with them."  -RM
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During a Harvesting Attack

It is rare to have an attack that involves actual damage to your energy body .But dark arts human projectors can swarm and attack . These will  bite high energy areas like  crown , neck ,shoulders and chest . Here is one recommended strategy;

1. Call in the calvary ; Say "Michael , Michael , Michael . Protect and Shield me now "and " Christ before me , Christ behind me , Christ  under my feet , Christ above me , Christ within me , Let all around me be Christ . " I call upon the Christ robe of protection to cover me and shield me from my attackers in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord . " Angel Michael is known to Buddhists , Hindis , Islamics , Christians and Jews .He is a protector of all humans and does not belong to one faith . Christ comes to all humans too but call in the calvary that makes sense in your own heart of hearts .

2. Cloak  ; Stoop , and hide your face and heart lights. The back of your head is much darker so place it and your knees up over your heart . In the shadow realms or where shadow comes , the light makes you easy to see .

3. Retreat ; If you are in projection , go back to your body . If you are in a dream , wake up . If you are in a home , go to light , water and earth . Go outside , over running water , into water and into well lit places .

4. During a biting , draining attack : Believe it or not send them love and light . They want rage , fear and lust . They do not want love and light . It weakens their attack and calms the attacker too.  Wrap them in light fill them with light .

5. Offense : First do no harm , Use this as a last resort . Harming another will return to you in kind , "he hit me first" doesn't count for much in the schoolyard and it does not impress spirit either . Attacking a neg might infuriate them and make retaliation worse ,too. Try first to Retreat , Hide , Shield , And Repel before you attack .

- Psi Projectiles : Stand in projection in a warrior stance with legs spread one before you one slightly  behind you and balance your weight . Use your arms to aim . Pull the energy up your legs to your heart and forcibly send it out  your heart and hands . This will  push light into shadow and  repel . It will seperate you from the darkness . Where there is light  there is no shadow . You can learn to push out a wall  a wave or repeated blasts of spheres or even to alternate from each hand  . Push them out as you exhale .These  can be seen clairvoyantly but do not expect to see them with your open eyes . So practice this in projection and learn there . The more you practice the stronger you will become .  

- Air Bubbles and Repulsion : Flight and Repulsion might work better . Repel , shield , flee . Making them mad is not a good idea .  Call angels for help  while trying to go back to the body immediately shield , hide your face and heart light .You can do this by stooping and  crouching in a hiding spot while waiting for angelic calvary. Or Bubble the attacker and blow them away with your heart and  hands.

- Earth blasts - Raise earth energy as above and blast it at their heart , this slows down and may stop the attacker if strong enough and  should at least  cloud and confuse . Blast and then use that time to make an exit or hide . Black earth hides . Pink earth calms. Brown muddy earth slows down .

- Fire Spheres-Draw up energy from your feet in the form of the highest fire you can make . Orange is the basic form of Fire , Golden Sunlight is stronger , Amber is called the FeudePrimaMateria and Red Orange Lava is more powerful still . Draw the fire from the instep , the ball of the feet and the heel . Project it from the hands and heart and mouth with each exhalation.

- Water - Water can be used to wash to cool your body and fill your body with cold during an attack . Be creative and make the water taste nasty . You can wash up later . Water can be used as a wave shield and as ice projectiles .

- Using a Sword to Cut and Weaken ; In case of nasty attacks during dreams and projections, as the last resort ,cut off the head if possible .Then cut off  horns , then hands .   Removing horns weakens rapidly .Arms grow back too quickly . It may not be possible to kill a demonic entity . They may appear to  fall apart and return behind you reformed . They may become multiple balls of dark stuff and you make the attack worse by splitting them . Sticking  a psi arm or psi sword through them has never worked to exterminate them for me .  

*  During an Attack :when under attack from a demonically possessed human projector your own vibration may become so weak that you become  clouded in your thoughts . You might have confusion and find it difficult to return to the body . Your body may not move very   well because they will suck your energy and lower your vibration . Fear empowers them . Call on Michael asap Hide your face and heart and have faith . Lower vibrations and your own shielding can make it so you cannot see the angels or hear them . Thick shields also reduce your abilty to hear and see good spirit .Thicken the shields anyway right up to the maximum. Try dark cloaks like dark steel wool  instead of white fluffy cotton . Dark hides you in the shadow . Trust that if you call Michael and Christ that help is there whether  or not you hear and see them . Believe it . And continue to try to return to the body and wake up . Continue to pray or sing or  laugh while waiting for the attack to end . Do not be afraid . Fear makes it last longer and makes you  weaker and them stronger.You are spirit and you will recover from this .

* Be creative and powerful  ; In a projection , you are much more powerful than you might think . A young lady I know was being attacked by a human projector who was insane and demonically possessed . The young man was inprisoned but he continued  to project from his body to attack young women . Chrissy snapped his knife with her mind . When he tried to kiss her , she bit off his lips . He ran away .

After an Attack

* Appeal to the Court of Justice in Spirit:  Live projectors will get consequences . Unlike human perps who often do not get more than a slap on the wrist , in spirit there are definite consequences . So pray for them to be given God's justice . Clean your mind about revenge . Pray instead that they will become loving and kind and that they will not attack another as they did you . Ask for them to be removed from your mind , your aura , and your life . Typical consequences for projecting attackers are that they become so low in vibration that they can no longer see clairvoyantly or project from the body at all , for a period of time like a sentence of imprisonment. Sit in prayer and ask for God's  justice to be called into place . You can project and see the proceedings. You will be asked to forgive the perpetrator . If you do not forgive , then you might have to repeat this lesson or have to sort it out through future altercations . You might become the bully instead . It is best to let it go and move on .

* After a Night Terror or Nightmare Attack ; Wake up your support group . Call a friend or wake up a room mate or relative . Go ahead and vent and tell them what happened but as soon as possible turn the conversation to happy thoughts . Tell them you need them to make you laugh and feel better .Hugs and giggles will raise your vibration and make you feel better fast .

* Reshield the home ; Pray together and reshield the home .Make it fun . Choose as you will to build up the defenses .

   1. Roll psi spheres into psi rods and stretch them around the  floorboard skirting the perimeter . Join these with psi jewels you make from your heart . Make a psi rod from one corner to the  next to cover the room of the attack first and then each room in the house . After the scaffolding , add psi walls and hang them into the scaffolding . Use askashic psi , stellis , mirris or crystal .

   2. Play mantras and sing along walking through the home with light emitting from your hands and heart . I love Quan Ten . I play a music box of her mantra and I  manifest a vortex of energy from the floor to the ceiling . And below each one from beneath the floor an equal distance .

   3. Smudge the home with incense . Call the corners in each room as you walk . Ask the angels to stay with you and protect your home . Open each drawer , open the doors and crack the windows , leave a light on in each room .

  4. Sprinkle holy water into the corners of each room . If you cannot attain any then boil water and bless it yourself through prayers of faith and love and light . Spraying rose water or lavender also helps.

  5.Turn on the lights . Turn on Happy Music. Try to dance .
  6.Take a Mega Salt Bath . Toss in a kilo of salt and soak it up wash it over any energy body wounds until you feel it change .

* Cleanse self with energy . Sit in meditation and deep cleanse with breaths . Pull energy through the energy body .
  Fire Cleaning ; Pull up the highest quality fire you can raise from your insteps and the ball and heel of your feet . Lava red orange works well . Feel it become tennis ball sized as you roll it through your legs into your abdomen , around through your heart . Push it like balls of fire down both arms at once and out of each finger . Pull it up through your neck and roll it through your crown . Pass it from your nose , ears and mouth with each exhalation . Roll it as a wall of flame from your heart and then from the back of the heart . Tune in , close your eyes and looking through the crown . Check the heart to make sure it is clean and look for cords that attach you to the perp . Look at the back of the neck , the shoulders and back of heart too .  After the fire burns away all shadow and negativity raise water energy to cool and heal your body .

 Water Cleansing ; Pull down through the crown light that is clear water first . Pull it through you like a clear cool running waterfall . See it rushing clear and clean through each toe and through each finger . Now pull down again using the heaviest water you can manifest . Indigo is good , Silver Akasha is  better , Stellis blue silver is better still. Pull it down through the crown and swirl it through the head down the nexk and out the  arms . Feel  it come like a thick rolling wave of cool heavy energy . Pull it down into the heart and down through the abdomen and let is come like a waterfall down the legs and out each toe. Now raise a wall of psi, stellis psi is best . It will hang at the angle of  projection . Now walk through it and it will wrap around your body and shield you completely . Pull it over you like a blanket when you sleep if you want a good night sleep without interference .
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Nothing to fear but fear itself.

"Fear is the great barrier to human growth.  It is said that when we are born...we bring with us only two fears, of loud noise and falling.  As we grow older we learn more and more fears so that by the time we reach maturity we are loaded with them."  -RM
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Need to cleanse and shield above and below the home too
We have read about the ethereal plane above each city and home . This area above the home can and should be shielded . There is also an ethereal plane below the home . Think of this as the higher sef and lower self of the home . Here is a method to protect your ethereal home . This is done after cleansing the real time zone home physically by smudging , music , light and energy and rebuilding the shields .

Open in Prayers of Protection
LBRP is recommended or Open as you will and then call the four corners and humbly evoke the strongest presence of light that resonates with you . For me that is the Christ . I have used Quan Yen Mantras also . ie We humbly evoke the presence of ___
for the purpose of instruction on protecting this home . Please lead us and guide us to shield our home now , Amen .

Raise energy .
I sit in the dragon : sitting down , placing bare feet upon the floor and palms up, arms upon the arms of a comfortable chair . .
I draw clean energy down through the crown to deep cleanse . I draw in rolling lava an orange red flame that dispels negativity and burns away attachment cords . Swirl this down around the head slowly sinking to the neck exhale and let go . Then pull the next deep cleansing breath down to the heart swirling it around and down slowly cleansing away negativity breathe it down the arms and out the fingertips and let go . Bring the next deep breath down to the guts swirl it around release and let go . Pull the last deep cleansing breath down through the crown all the way to the feet and feel it pooling out through the toes now .
Drawing up the dragon
From the right ball of the foot draw up your highest earth ( red , salmon red , ruby , rose , giggle juice ) slow &  warm

From the instep draw up your highest channel energy ( red right/ blue left , akasha left /amoris right , green&  blue left , orange & red right , mirris left / crystal right , treasure )

from the right heel draw up your highest fire ( orange , amber ,gold ,  amoris , topaz , crystal ) fast &  hot

from the left ball the highest air ( chartreuse , aqua , emerald , white , vines , storm ) fast  & cool

from the instep the highest channel energy ( red right/ blue left , akasha left /amoris right , green&  blue left , orange & red right , mirris left / crystal right , treasure )

from the left heel the highest water ( indigo , purple , silver , akasha , sapphire , mirris , treasure ) slow & cold

Sitting in  the dragon
Call them up cobras of elemental choice from the right leg first
Pull up ropes of energy of the highest quality from the bare feet on the floor
See them rise as strong vital cobras
Visualise the cobras , feel them rise up to the knee on the right side and hold it there
Repeat pulling up cobras through the left foot
pull it up to the knee on the left and hold it there ,
pull the energy cobras up from the right knee to  the hip on the right and hold it there
pull the energy cobras up from the left knee to  the hip on the left and hold it there

now inhale deeply and exhale fully , inhale deeply again and do not fully exhale until the dragon has risen
mixing the cobras in the guts , suck up the abdominal wall sharply towards the heart while raising the pelvic floor quickly
 see them racing up like cobras swirling around up your abdomen exhale a half breath breathe in a half breath
pull the cobras  of energy together into your heart
send them from your heart down to your wrists but pull them back sharply up both arms at once
send them up to your neck and swirl them over your shoulders
feel them come over your head now like a hood
see the head of the dragon over you
sit in the power of the now in the form of the dragon
Morph into a dragon
Visualise your highest elemental dragon on all fours
Project into it and move in projection as the Dragon

Project beneath your home to a safe spot first .
The bath is generally the cleanest spiritually or you if you have a temple or altar in your home that will be the cleanest and safest energy . Another place is below your meditation chair .
Walk behind Michael the Archangel or Project out your sun stone and fly as your higest angelic form and fly behind him

Choose to make highest quality cleanser
* white light
* rolling tennis sized balls of lava
* morph as dragon and breathe lava flame out nose and mouth as you go
Lava Flame will not hurt human or lifeforms but it dispels negativity, burns shadow entities and burns away cords and any rot or nexus of negs .Lava is hot bright electric , male , gaseous to lava in flow , rolls , burns , cleanses very well

Love , Light and Laughter helps
As you work , sing aloud , Fill room with giggle juice ; Rose Pink electric male bubble blankets of earth energy

Choose to Work with your strongest shield material
Use the highest element you can project at that time . As you build up reshield the home with stronger elements .
Some Strong shielding elements  in order from weakest to strongest .
*White Light
*Stellis -Best shield currently can be strengthened by Treasure , will hang at any angle , can seal rips and tears and skylights etc.
Stellis is blue silver female, magnetic , dark , heavy , thick slow moving , will cover like cling or saran wrap . You can breathe through it but it covers the entire body by walking through a wall of it .

*Treasure - this is new , it seems to need a medium to be imbedded in to send it . Also duplicates what is manifested saving time
  and energy .   It can be projected as a cloud into liquid elements or imbedded into plasma elements or blankets of energy .
Walk into a wall of Stellis to cover and shield you or don armour or morph into a dragon

Note : Be open to instruction from angels as to better methods . They often teach as they shield and protect us .

Manifest Psi Rods
* Akasha
* Stellis
Make a psi sphere , roll it out like clay logs do not put it down until you place it along each floorboard and up each corner and across the perimeter of the ceiling . As you make them place them . Mirris helps you to duplicate these quickly but take your time and do it right .

Choose to manifest highest quality jewels
Extend the arms length at waist height
Holding palms up visualise send energy and form energy from the palm
replenish with each breath from the crown and heart and send it down the arms again

Moving on from  cloak's suggestions  make a ruby sphere in right hand
I have red warm electric male hard clear heavy bright light , I have red ruby
Make a sapphire sphere in the left hand
I have blue cold magnetic female hard clear heavy bright light , I have blue sapphire
Now put the pinkys of each palm together  up turned
A white crystal light will form above the 2 spheres
I have crystal hot electric male hard clear light bright light , I have crystal light

Once you start the flow each time you put your pinkys together a new crystal or 2 will form until the session ends , just by pulling in energy and breathing it out and down the heart to the palms as crystal .

Place a crystal jewel in each corner of the RTZ home , the HS home and the LS ethereal home .
Do it together in a circle play happy music , burn incense and take your time .

Make a shield in front of you as you go

1. Send out highest quality energies
To manifest a shield , draw the energy up from the ground according to the highest element you can manifest . In projection see self sending it out ;
*moon stone - mind at the third eye and nostrils and mouth
*sun stone - heart and also down to palms
*earth stone - navel

2. Choose a form to make
* blankets to drop  over an area
* nets to  send it down , lift it back with negativity attached , send it to universe to become clean energy again .
* walls to line your physical walls , celings and floors
* push a room width roll of shield material to line floors while hiding behind the roll , you can push it through a neg dirty room

Flood the rooms with lava flame to cleanse , and giggle juice to rise vibration , flood with treasure for spiritual light

Humbly evoke guardian dragons . I ask Michael , Christ or Quan Yen for this gift . Invite one to eat at each door .
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Nothing to fear but fear itself.

"Fear is the great barrier to human growth.  It is said that when we are born...we bring with us only two fears, of loud noise and falling.  As we grow older we learn more and more fears so that by the time we reach maturity we are loaded with them."  -RM
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Revising one Recipe to Protect Lower Ethereal Home:
*Open in protection ie using the Lower Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or Call the 4 Corners
* Walk behind Michael as you heal and shield the home , do not go alone
* Deep Cleanse crown down
* Raise Energy Up from feet  dual chambered now :
balls of both feet : avocado green on left chamber & red pink giggle juice on right chamber
instep of both feet : mirris on left & crystal on right forming treasure as they rise
heels of both feet : icy blue silver stellis on left & orange red lava on right

* Sit in the Dragon
* Shield self in Stellis Armour by walking through a wall of stellis you manifest , it clings around you
* Morph into Crystal Sphinx Dragon
* Project to Lower Ethereal Home (under your temple if you have one , if none go under the bath )
* Blow Lava into each room from the Dragons nostrils and mouth , fire  breathe  before you cleansing negativity , making light
* Bi locate projecting out of the sun stone as highest angelic self , the dragon cleanses the angel lines the walls of each room
* Manifest a room wide roll of Stellis , push this slowly across the floor like a carpet
* Manifest a wall of Stellis and hang it on each wall
* Cover tunnels , walls , windows , doors , skylights , chimneys
* Manifest psi rods of mirris , lay these along perimeter on each seam at floor , walls , ceiling .
* Manifest crystal jewels , place one in each corner where walls and floor join and where walls join the ceiling
* Program the ethereal home to shield from negativity and to transmute negative energy to light
* Evoke Guardian Mirris Dragons for your home
* Anchor a Pillar of Moon and another of Sun Light in your temple altar to purge all negativity from home
* Activate Pillars to send light  from the deepest ethereal to the highest ethereal above the hoime
* Anchor your pillars with permission to the highest plane allowed .
* Check up regularly filling the rooms beneath with light , love and laughter , giving thanks to Guardians

Work with the elements you can control
Every Human can make white light and silver psi . You are spirit in a human vessel and you are born capable of this . All can continue to develop to get stronger elements .Basic Psi spheres and Psi walls made of White light are a way to begin . If you cannot project as a dragon or angel yet ,then work within your own abilities but ask Michael to help you and watch what he does . You can blow white light from your heart and hands , all humans can do this . Make a White Light Blanket and fill it with white light beneath your home and above your home . That is a beginning .
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Nothing to fear but fear itself.

"Fear is the great barrier to human growth.  It is said that when we are born...we bring with us only two fears, of loud noise and falling.  As we grow older we learn more and more fears so that by the time we reach maturity we are loaded with them."  -RM
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dream of protection
throw cornstarch ??
 it reveals the enemy removes invisibility
and draws power from it

Web Notes ------------------------------------------------------
"SALTand  CORNSTARCH make a good protection
 They leave an obvious white blotch of cornstarch on anyone they hit. ...
allows you to draw power from a being in another world,

~*~ Meditation ~*~ & ~*~Mysticism~*~is Magick~*~
~*~Tree of Life on chlorite vessel  Khafajeh NE Baghdad 2600 BC ~*~
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Building an ashram can assist with the protection of a static area, such as your home.  Ashrams are constructed using psi rods.
Building Psi Rods: http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/index.php/topic,563.0.html
(see "third item of business: group activity - creating psi rods", can be done solo, basic)

Building Ashrams from Psi Rods: http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/index.php/topic,563.0.html
(see "Applications of Psi Rods", intermediate)

Here is more about ashrams in detail:  On the manifestation of ashrams

Once your personal protection is well under way, I highly suggest ashrams be built around your living space.   Your personal workspace at work or in class can also be protected.  When you expand ashrams to encompass larger areas, they can become harder to maintain and may lose some effectiveness.  People can walk into the ashrams and bring their garbage with them, so to speak, and it probably won't filter it very well if at all as it passes through from the outside to inside.  

For that reason, it is best to create an ashram for your space and another, separate one for any space larger than that.  I personally feel that building a larger ashram for others does help them in some way, and certainly can only help yourself personally since it is a form of aiding others/sending out light.  You can also apply protection to your vehicle(s) as a sort of skin/paint job on the vehicle.

On that note, I find that spherical/egg-shaped personal shields can potentially be flawed in that physical things can pass through where you naturally manifest and reinforce the shield.  For instance, say you build a oval shield around yourself roughly 3 feet/1 meter from your body.  Someone could walk right into it and influence you from within your own shield.  

How effective their assault is would depend on how important you feel it is where the shield actually is.  For example, if, when you construct/reinforce that personal shield, you feel it being somewhere outside my body nearby, that is more vague than roughly 2 to 3 feet outside my body or "skin tight".  

When someone says "they were invading my personal space", that has to do with someone being "too close for comfort" aka within the space they are protective of.  I suggest creating a skin-tight shield that cannot be "walked into" by someone.  It can be created in addition to the oval, outer shield, on top of any ashram(s) you are in for multiple layers of protection.  Be sure to build any shields/ashrams above and below also, not just "around".

It may be true that personal energy shields are not necessary or useful for everyone, since some prefer to use other methods or more abstract means to protect themselves.  I find them useful however and post more info on the idea here for completeness.

Protection Throughout the Day

Protection can be expanded from static, "build-and-forget" positions to defenses that can be used more actively.  Here are a few examples from situations I have used them in.

  • When someone is ill that you must be around, imagine fire energy around you that intercepts and burns up any spreading contagion from them.  If they cough or sneeze around you, reinforce that mental image momentary to give it more strength.  I have found that this strengthens my immune system significantly.
  • If a stranger with an attitude begins to influence you negatively, imagine a shield that intercepts any bad mood or ill-intent.  This obviously won't protect you much if they start a physical fight, but it can help you keep your cool.  Keep in mind though, that some people can become annoyed by your cool composure and get more irritated.
  • If someone starts to load their worries/fears upon you, an envisioned shield can deflect these away or converts them to something funny.  Fears are nasty things that need to be stopped before they can take root in you.  If they get a foothold, like someone who is a compulsive worrier, they can be quite bothersome and time-consuming to get rid of.  The only upside is that you can grow from the experience once you realize that the fears were silly.  It is best to realize they are silly from the get-go though, and save yourself the bother.

Those are just a few examples, as they can be used in a multitude of situations as needed.

Another thing I would add is to remember each time you walk into an ashram you or someone you know has created.  This will help reinforce its strength over time.
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Nothing to fear but fear itself.

"Fear is the great barrier to human growth.  It is said that when we are born...we bring with us only two fears, of loud noise and falling.  As we grow older we learn more and more fears so that by the time we reach maturity we are loaded with them."  -RM
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Cleansing and Banishing

Smudging with Sage
The herb ‘Sage’ is often promoted as having properties that enable it to assist with the banishing of evil spirits or forces.  Sage can be used to protect specific items by storing them with bundles or boughs of Sage, or the herb may be burnt through the practise of ‘Smudging’ in order to rid an area or home of the influences of evil spirits and demons.

Smudging is the practise of burning herbs such as Sage to create a cleansing smoke bath that can be used to purify people, objects, and homes of negative effects caused by evil or negative entities.  Smudging is a practise utilised by many indigenous cultures including the Native American Indians.

The practise of smudging can be carried out using ‘smudge-sticks’, similar to joss-sticks smudge-sticks are purpose made from the herb Sage and may be lit with a candle.  Alternatively loose dry herbs may be sprinkled over a burning log or indoor fireplace, etc. to achieve the same effect.

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